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Bitcoin Miami Day #1 Summary – Couldn’t make the conference? Highlights the top moments, key takeaways and the info you need for financial freedom.

0:00 Intro
0:10 Star of the Show

1:00 Pomp etc all guided Suarez – mission to be the top Crypto city on Earth. Equality, transformation, being first, be the capital of Bitcoin. Pay employees, pay taxes, hold treasury. FTX AA Arena – I love FTX. HQ

2:00 ex-presidential candidate Ron Paul
Individuals should make decisions about monetary freedom
Slammed the Federal Reserve and said that Bitcoin needs to be “considered seriously,” given the current state of the economy.
Bitcoin Not About Price – But Liberty
Ron Paul spoke for half an hour and *didn’t* use the words crypto, blockchain, DeFi, smart contracts, staking, stablecoins, tokens, or decentralization once.
But he *did* talk about #Bitcoin Bitcoin, freedom, and liberty over and over.

3:00 Parker Lewis
Most perfect price mechanism
Cost of money cannot be manipulated
Cost of credit cannot be manipulated
Credit system will be a fraction of what it is today
BTC stability will prove CB’s will not be required

4:00 Dan Held
Bitcoin Standard transition – driven by Price ie “never go up mechanism”
Market cycle
Price will make people believers
Network effect to multi-billion user world
Inst bring more retail adoption and legitimacy

4:30 Saifedean Ammous
How Bitcoin will change the world – art – former hard money
FIAT is the exception – we always found harder money…. Save money
Humanity took a massive hit as money stopped working
BTC can bring us back

5:00 Hyperbitcoinized World
In ten years we will be there
The Fed will be proven wrong
History will be written by the winners
Humanity will be more prosperous
Standards of living will rise
Savings will not be impacted
Paying less taxes

6:00 Saylor & Keiser Giga Chat
Newbie – 1 yr ago yesterday
Bitcoin is hope
Bitcoin fixes everything
$120 a share when they added BTC
Ready to retire and BTC happened

7:00 Jack Dorsey Twitter
Go to India, Ghana, Nigeria – they need real money
1BN people on BTC by 2025
Focus to scaling layers
All other coins don’t factor in at all
‘I don’t think there is anything more important in my lifetime to work on’
Freedom of Speach interruption
New Hardware Wallet
“Whatever I can do, whatever my companies can do to make [bitcoin] more accessible to everyone is how I’m going to spend the rest of my life,”

8:00 Tim Draper
Free Country like Miami
SG example – Trust and Freedom = Bitcoin – SG was least free and least trusted 70 years ago and it changed
BTC can bring us back
No reason to own FIAT in 10 years
Argentina – family made and lost a fortune 3x due to govt monetary manipulation

10:00 Alyse Killeen
Digitally native money
BTC Defi is a movement
Exponentially improving tech
Best and first form of digitally native money

10:40 Pomp & Winklevii Twins
“Spend Sh Coins to Earn Bitcoin” their DCA method shilling their new CC 3%
Turn spending into investing – stack sats
You own 1 BTC you will be a Millionaire in the Future
32 Public Companies have BTC on BS – going up or down?
Owning a piece of BTC is like owning an early piece of the internet in 90s
Cameron Winklevoss, Tyler Winklevoss, Anthony Pompliano.

11:40 U.S. Senator Cynthia Lummis
Bitcoin dovetails nicely with the USD
We are educating the govt on Bitcoin
Perceived comp between USA and China – Digital Yuan – we need to catch up and make sure BTC underpins the USD as a SOV and keep the USD the worlds #1 currency
Change FASB – a commodity not ST Accounting Rules

13:00 NFTs and Beepl


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