“How To PROFIT $1,500/Week Growing & Selling Microgreens WITHOUT Selling to Restaurants, Grocery Stores or at Farmers’ Markets!”

What You’ll Learn:

– THE NEW WAY to build a profitable microgreens business from scratch (WARNING: The OLD way has recently put thousands of microgreens growers out of business, but the NEW way is thriving NOW more than ever!)

– ​HOW TO START growing microgreens at home for less than $500 (Your basement, garage, kitchen or spare bedroom plus some basic equipment is all you need to get started and grow up to $20,000/year worth of microgreens!)

– ​MARKETING: The easiest and most effective way to SELL microgreens right now (HINT: It’s a 3-step system that consistently gets you customers on auto-pilot!)

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About Urban Farmer Curtis Stone:
Curtis Stone runs a commercial urban farm called Green City Acres out of Kelowna, BC, Canada. His mission is to show others how they can grow a lot of food on small plots of land and make a living from it. Using DIY and simple infrastructure, one can earn a significant living from their own back yard or someone else’s.

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