This current lockdown in Victoria is less to do with protecting public health and more to do with “protecting politicians”, according to Sky News host Chris Kenny.

From midnight tonight, a state-wide seven-day “circuit-breaker” lockdown to stop the spread of the latest coronavirus outbreak, which occurred in hotel quarantine, will be imposed until June 3 for all of Victoria.

“The Victorian government… is running a de facto elimination strategy, afraid any infections will count as a political strike against them,” Mr Kenny said.

“So they put the pain on people, onto families, on workers, on especially casual workers, on communities, the politicians shift all the pain onto those people, to protect their undeclared virus elimination strategy.”

Mr Kenny went on to say the acting premier of Victoria and the federal opposition leader tried to “blame” the Morrison government for the snap lockdown.

The acting premier James Merlino said in a press conference today if the state had an “alternative” to hotel quarantine for this variant and the commonwealth had rolled out vaccines “effectively” then Victoria might not be in this position.

Shortly after the lockdown was announced the federal opposition leader Anthony Albanese echoed Mr Merlino’s remarks by saying the outbreak occurred because the federal government did not “fix quarantine” months ago.

Mr Kenny said this was a “pathetic spectacle” from the acting premier and the federal opposition leader and exposed them as being “horribly partisan” and content using the pandemic to “play political games”.


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