Presentation by Nisha Sharma, MD

1. Recognize some of the common pancreaticobiliary conditions that are seen by the general internist that may require either further imaging or referral to a gastroenterologist, including acute and chronic pancreatitis with associated complications, choledocholithiasis, and postoperative bile leaks.
2. Discuss the appropriate imaging and laboratory workup for diagnosis, classification, and management of these disease processes.
3. Be able to differentiate the need for referral to surgery versus gastroenterology for abnormal imaging and laboratory findings.
4. Discuss the utility of EUS and/or ERCP in the management of these disease processes.

Recorded live, April 10, 2021 as part of the 2021 Richard C. Staab, DO Memorial Symposium.

Presented by Oklahoma State Medical Center Department of Internal Medicine in partnership with the Osteopathic Founders Foundation.

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