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You don’t need drugs or alcohol to get buzzed. Try one of these harmless, natural ways to get high.

Step 1: Gossip
Talk trash about someone. Research shows that gossiping promotes the release of the feel-good chemicals within the body called endorphins.

Step 2: Bang the drum
Bang a drum. Drumming provides a one-two feel good punch — it induces relaxation, and it also may promote the release of endorphins.

Step 3: Laugh
Do something that makes you laugh for a natural high. A good chuckle lights up some of the same areas of your brain that cocaine does.

Step 4: Help someone
Help someone out. Altruism — whether it’s a one-time favor or a steady volunteer job — is known to produce a so-called “helper’s high” in the do-gooder.

People who volunteer have lower mortality rates, greater functional ability, and lower rates of depression later in life than those who don’t volunteer.

Step 5: Go bargain-hunting
Go bargain-hunting. One study showed that shopping can produce feelings of euphoria, especially if you snag a great deal.

Step 6: Eat something spicy
Eat a meal that contains chili peppers. They contain capsaicin, a chemical that not only produces the peppers’ heat, but causes the brain to flood your nerve endings with endorphins to help you handle it. Just have a glass of milk on hand: it’ll douse the fire in your mouth if things get too hot to handle!

Did You Know?
When a mother sees her baby smile, it activates a region in the brain that produces euphoric feelings — much like a drug.


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