🔥 The 2021 hemp season is firing up for Durango Botanicals. Get an overview of how to grow your own hemp in this video! 🌱

Bret from PermaResilience and Zeph from Lee Hemp Seeds join us on the farm. Zeph brings over some of his amazing seedlings to plant in our winter greenhouse.

Have any questions? Post a comment below, we’ll do our best to get you answers.

0:27 Intro
1:10 Types of seedlings
3:17 Growing hemp overview
5:06 Ways to use hemp?
6:03 How to get started?
7:05 Is it legal to grow hemp in my state?
8:47 Clones vs seeds?
11:14 What to look for in seeds?
12:42 What influences the CBD content?
13:17 How to prepare soil for better yields?
15:08 Outro

Lee Hemp Seeds

Bret James – Master Permaculture Teacher

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