Remember when marijuana (aka cannabis) was the dangerous drug we hid from our parents. It was illegal and we were told it could destroy our minds. Well… A LOT has changed since then. And everyone (even your parents!), is talking about cannabinoids and using them to enhance their health, wellness and even their beauty routines.

CBD seems to cure and treat everything…but is it just hype? Intrigued by its popularity and all the positive possibilities, I had to know more!

Why has it amped up in popularity in recent years?

How can CBD help us with everything from skin rashes and pain to anxiety and insomnia?

How is it being used to improve our beauty and skincare routines?

Can CBD be used effectively to help improve our sex lives? Decreased libido?

With so many companies putting out CBD products right and left, how do we find reputable sources?

In today’s episode, we’re diving into the world of CBD, with physician and CBD expert, Dr. Junella Chin. She tells us all we need to know about why CBD works.

You’ll hear all about:

The surprising CBD formulations that can enhance your life!
Edibles, shots in your coffee, powders for your tea, thin strips for fast dissolving discreet use, bath salts, and lipstick. This description barely scratches the surface of the possibilities!

Why CBD is the perfect solution for menopausal women
It can regulate hormonal fluctuations, increase libido, and help us sleep better. Better yet – we won’t have to deal with side effects like sedation and lethargy.

Dr. Junella Chin also shares;
Why cannabinoids are so great and the difference between THC and CBD.
Where to source CBD safely and reputably. How do we find products we can trust?
Guidelines for dosing – how do we make sure we don’t take too much?
What the effects of CBD DON’T feel like.


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