Kava is unlike many of the plant medicines I’ve spoken about previously. A) it’s legal, and B) it doesn’t quite send you into another stratosphere of consciousness like Ayahuasca or 5-MeO-DMT. Instead, it’s a subtle, softer, slow burner that can be easily incorporated into your daily routine, like your regular cup of joe you brew in the morning. It manages your mood, health and, as I learned today, neutralizes trauma in the body and environment.

Joining me to tell you more is Cameron George, passionate Kava educator and founder of TRU KAVA, the purest, potent, and sustainable Kava supplement I’ve ever tasted.

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12:39 — What Led Cameron to Kava

His pain-to-purpose journey Addiction to Adderall Financial and emotional breakdown Micro breakthroughs from plant medicine Transitioning from Benzodiazepine to Kava 43:45 — The Origins of Kava

Where Kava is cultivated Examining plant intelligence Why Kava is not addictive Nootropic effects of Kava

1:15:24 — What Role Kava Can Play in the World

Integrating Kava into modern culture Kava as a gateway tool for physic integration Why you can’t trust the quality or potency of product in a local Kava bar How Western filtration methods butcher Kava’s natural effects Redefining the market for Kava The multiple benefits of Kava 1:52:25 —Kava and EMF Protection

Kava as a sodium and calcium channel blocker EMF sensitivity and Kava consumption 1:59:14— Debunking the Kava and Liver Toxicity Myth

How pharmaceutical companies tried to imitate nature – and failed miserably Regulation risks 2:14:46 —Cameron’s Kava Vision

Creating a palatable and effective Kava product Revamping Kava bars and integrating Kava into a modern framework Tru Kava oil

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TRU KAVA. Kava is nature’s most powerful anxiety reliever that has also been shown to boost mood, mental clarity, and deep sleep by naturally restoring GABA levels in the brain over time. However, due to contamination with toxic plant parts and low-quality extraction processes, most kava products currently on the market contain little to none of these benefits. TRU KAVA products are 3rd party lab tested for quality and safety and are made using proprietary solvent-free extraction methods that capture the…


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