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You may have heard me tell you about a new app called Relevnt where you can hang out and talk cannabis without threat of censorship. This week I welcomed the CEO and Founder of the app, Winder Hughes to the show. We discussed how the app happened, which is a cool story. What is is all about and what can you do? We’ll give you the goods on Vibes and more. We also discussed Winder being a ‘boomerang’ cannabis customer. Someone who used it in their younger years and are revisiting it now. Also what is the Florida cannabis scene like?

Chris Ianson is our educator and a Regional Manager with Plantlife Cannabis. Each week on Know Your Buds, we explore a different cultivar and make recommendations for what level of cannabis user it fits with based on their level of experience. It was a treat this week, from the land of the tallest trees we dove into Querkle from Greenade. From the concept of their facility to what they are going to be doing, they seem to be ahead of the curve. It’s an indica dominant hybrid, but don’t worry it shouldn’t have you couch locked, it’s an active indica.

The Cannabis Question is about balanced cultivars while What Pairs Well With Cannabis is about an outdoor sport for me.

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