Wild Lettuce Opium is part of the solution to the Opioid Crisis fraud which has been designed to rake in astronomical profits for the American murder association.

CBD and THC (Kratom maybe) can help as well, if mixed with WLO to create synergistic affects and compounds which are natural, lacking the horrific side effects of the chemicals pushed on us by the pharmaceutical racket.

Tens of millions of Americans are now being sent home by the dentists (some of who are definitely sadists) with no opioid pain killers which we have used our entire lives after we visit the dentists and get our teeth drilled, and yanked etc.

For my entire life I have been given a bottle of Vicodin, Percocet, Norco, etc to deal with the horrific pain of having my teeth worked on by dentists, who often cause excessive pain due to their incompetence or carelessness. This bottle of pain killers usually cost me around 10-20 dollars.

Now untold legions of suffering dental patients end up having to go to the emergency room at their Hospital, begging for pain killers. I have heard this directly from the doctors in the emergency rooms I have had to visit as a result of the heartless and cruel new policies being adopted all over our land.

Often we are not even given the good opioids we need there as well, or we are given lower grade pain killers like: gabapenten, ibuprofen, tylenol etc.

So, the 10-20 dollars we would have spent to get through the pain suffering and misery of our last dental visit, now cost $1,000.00-$1,500.00 ??? the moment we walk into the emergency room seeking help for the horrific pain we have been put through by our dentists.

Multiply that by the entire population of the USA who ends up in the emergency room, thanks to this new sweeping anti opioid hysteria legislation and sadistic policies from dentists and their ama brethren.

Can you now see, how the ama and pharmaceutical racket are raking in Astronomical profits by substituting a bottle of opioid pain killers for a trip to the emergency room, that costs a hundred or more times more. Your insurance may cover it, but the costs are passed on to all insured. So, the insurance rates have become astronomical as well to everyone who in enslaved to that racket.

These so-called “Health Industry” parasites are making money from every direction. They may lose profits from discontinuing opioids, but they gain it back with the other garbage grade meds they use to substitute for the opioid scare scam.

This entire opioid crisis is a manufactured fraud designed to bleed us financially and torture us physically, which supplies much needed “loosh” for the demonic forces of hell, that feed off of our pain, suffering and misery.

The doctors, pharmacists and dentists serve these archontic forces of hell with their sadistic practices. I see no compassion, care or sympathy from these people any longer. All I see them doing is chanting their new anti opioid Mantras and lame excuses for this manufactured opioid crisis, like Parrots, for bottom line “health Industry” profits!

The health industry is guilty 100% for not tracking these meds for decades now. So, they want to blame all of us who are in pain and ask for the pain meds we have used our entire lives. If we ask for pain killers, the claim we are “seeking” which is the new profile used to deny pain killers to those who truly need them. This is insane and absurd. We are merely asking for the meds we have always gotten our entire lives.

The fact is, that the industry was too lazy and worthless and profit driven to set up a tracking system which would have prevented opioid addicts from seeing many dentists for the same tooth problem and getting a bottle of pills from each one of them.

Talk to any dentist and they will all repeat this same exact scenario like lemmings, to justify this new racket I am exposing here!

70,000 people die from opioid abuse, 60% of whom die from suicide, out of a population of 329 Million Americans are affected by this so-called opioid crisis.

Do the math! This can not remotely be considered a crisis!

2 thousandths of 1% of our Population are dying from these pain killers. This is nothing but a media fueled crisis for ama profits and control


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