Sandee’s guest today is Michael Alden—founder of Blue Vase Marketing, TV personality, and 3X Wall Street Journal and USA Today best-selling author. His books are sold all over the world in multiple languages, and he has been on dozens of TV networks promoting products with his infomercials. Michael shares his story of growing up in a family of addicts and how that made him stronger and successful today. Sandee and Michael discuss happiness as a choice, how to get it, and what tools to use to work on it.


📺 Michael has been doing infomercials for ten years! 1:28

🤕 Growing up was very difficult for Michael, and he was shot as a 14-year old teenager. 5:18

😇 He was going down the wrong path, but then he made a decision to change. 8:06

🎯 Health and happiness are the most important things, but you need to work towards happiness. 11:24

🤔 Self-awareness is important and answering some essential questions can help you achieve it. 13:49

🌞 Cocaine, alcohol, sugar or any type of addiction has its difficulties, but it is important to get back up again when you fall off the wagon. 16:37

🤩 Michael follows some good habits every day. He surrounds himself with the word happy, reminds himself of three things he is grateful for, and practices transcendental meditation. 18:53

🧘‍♂️ Transcendental meditation changed his life eight years ago after he had a massive panic attack. 20:39

🧑‍⚕️ If you feel down, depressed or in bad mental shape, ask for help from a medical professional because it is essential to talk to someone. 25:05

👆 If you are not ready for therapy, you are not going be successful with it. 27:51

🥼 How Michael started his CBD product line and the science behind transcendental meditation. 29:04

🙏 Neuroplasticity shows us that you can rewire your brain with meditation, prayer or yoga. 35:45

✌️ If we don’t agree, we don’t have to hate each other. 37:45

📢 Michael likes to share his knowledge about good things that can help people like cryptocurrency, CBD, and transcendental meditation. 40:23

📵 Cut toxic people out of your life and find other people you can communicate with. 42:48

🥃 Alcoholism can hurt you and those around you. 46:04

🍫 Sugar is as addictive as heroin. 47:20

🌠 Strive for excellence because things will never be perfect. 48:51

📚 Michael has written a lot of books, but his latest book, Best Seller Secrets, is his free gift to authors around the world. 49:44

📱 The ability to connect with people and to develop relationships quickly on Clubhouse is remarkable. 53:24


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