How Do They Infuse Marijuana in Chocolate? – So… I’m Not So Sure About Medical Marijuana Podcast

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On this episode of The So… I’m Not So Sure About Medical Marijuana podcast, Dr. James “Doc Mac” McEntire, and co-host Rusty Humphries talk about how they infuse Marijuana into Chocolate.

With a tour of the premier Cannabis plant in Missouri,, with CEO Josh Mitchem of Clovr Cannabis.

Is Cannabis infused chocolate tasty?
How do they make Cannabis infused chocolate?
Where can you get Cannabis infused chocolate in Missouri?

Dr. James McEntire

“Doc Mac” is a doctor of osteopathic medicine, is board-certified, fully licensed, and in good standings with the Missouri Board of Healing Arts and the Missouri Division of Professional Registration.

He has experience in the Missouri medical cannabis field and is very knowledgeable about both the cannabis plant for healing and on how to properly evaluate and legally certify Missouri patients.

Doc Mac can aide you in your quest to become a legal medical cannabis patient in Missouri. He offers telemedicine, house calls, clinical visits, and special events to all of the Missouri patient community.

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