With all of the available options on medical marijuana, many are choosing to explore methods of medication beyond the traditional pipe or paper. Today, a considerable number of states in the US have legalized marijuana. And you’ll notice that cannabis edibles are growing more and more popular. Who would have thought that cannabis can make so many delicious products? They are now made into sweets like brownies, chocolates, and even ice creams; the possibilities are endless when it comes to these cannabis-infused treats.

In this episode, Jessica Sanders talks with Matt and Matt about how she started her business of manufacturing cannabis edibles.

Sanders is a chemist and the founder of Lisa’s Gifts. She worked in extraction and analytical testing for a few years and has worked in the laboratory for seven years. Jessica’s mother had multiple sclerosis or MS, and her hope is to help people like her through the manufacturing of high-quality cannabis products. She named her business, Lisa’s Gifts, after her mother Lisa.

Lisa’s Gifts is a high-quality turnkey THC manufacturing company that sells THC oils to small businesses via private label services. For Sanders, this is more than a business, it is her passion. 

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