California Clouds 420 and Fresh join the True Buds Show to talk Cannabis content, Vapes, Rosin Bomb, Edibles and Growing.

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True Buds Show Notes
– Californiaclouds420 stays consistent in her content creation.
– IG is a great platform for reaching out.
– The Faded kitten is an awesome creator.
– There are Sessions all over.
– Being at the right places and events.
– The worm hole of YouTube.
– Stoner Shenanigans (Comedy, Entertainment Weed anything you need)
– YouTube is a mini community college.
– The Rosin Bomb is 13lbs, perfect table top Rosin Press.
– Rosin Bomb applies 1,500lbs of pressure.
– 190-210 degrees is a good temp, specifically around 210 Degrees.
– Pre-press is the best way to get the yield.
– Fresh flower is the best to press.
– You Can make your own vape juice using the Rosin Bomb.
– Rosin Bomb is consistent, quite, and consistent.
– Big Bang Carts.
– Carts are not all the same we need to be informed.
– Dank is a company that just sells packaging.
– You just have to be sure your getting the real carts.
– Raw Gardens is a good cart.
– Sage and Sour is a good Vape.
– Terpenes come in after, and alot of times no cannabis terpenes are used.
– Cannabis Terpenes are more expensive.
– Cannabis helping with ADD is a real thing.
– Cannabis is the natural remedy.
– Saving Sophie is an amazing story, showing what cannabis can do!
– How many people have lost out on a cure.
– Hemp Trees grow fast, and can be used for pretty much anything.
– Lis and Fresh have done several grows together.
– Growing can be really rewarding but takes dedication.
– So much goes into growing, and you grow from it.
– A Good Buddy and a Good Book you can start a good grow.
– There is so much satisfaction smoking your own grow.
– Don’t rush the drying or curing process, and it won’t come out the way you like.
– You can get your grow on a schedule.
– Led light and a couple fans can get the job.
– Go follow @CaliforniaClouds420

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Thanks for Californiaclouds420 and Fresh: Cannabis content/management, Vapes, Edibles, Rosin Bomb, and Growing

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