Aloha John,

I’ve enjoyed the beneficial and empowering information via your email list ever since watching your heartfelt documentary on the myriad wonders of The Sacred Plant.

My story with this deeply medicinal herb began a long time ago as a recreational consumer of cannabis. Then, in my mid 40s I began to experience chronic pain and neurological symptoms from repressed PTSD as a younger man. I’ve since made many lifestyle changes to reduce stress on my mind and body, and have turned to many different  products and services to support my healing and recovery, including hemp paste.

I had tried a CBD oil extract with virtually no improvement in my symptoms. A couple years ago, I happened upon a Facebook group offering a line of hemp-based nutraceuticals, and ordered a trial size jar of the full spectrum hemp paste. I figured, it’s only twenty bucks (1/4 the cost of the oil I purchased). I recall when it arrived in the mail and I was skeptical. I took a recommended dose and went about my day, which included a milestone birthday celebration for a good friend’s wife.

An hour or so into the party, I noticed something peculiar about my emotional state and behavior. I felt calm and was sharing humor like I hadn’t done so in many years. The social anxiety I typically felt in larger groups of people was dramatically reduced. It was an ah ha moment when I realized I had taken the hemp paste earlier in the day. It was a remarkable shift.

I’ve been talking the hemp paste for nearly 2 years as I continue to reclaim my well-being. And I have been turning others onto it who are suffering from chronic physiological and mental health conditions. I’m so grateful for cannabis and all of God’s Green Earth.


Sean J. Kennedy

Respectfully submitted by Sean J. Kennedy

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