Meet Todd Davis

Todd Davis is not only a former licensed stockbroker and investment banker, but he’s also the founder of a CBD company, Endexx Corporation, which has a $100 million market cap. Todd’s background in Investments, as well as his understanding of the whole cannabis market in CBD industry, makes him uniquely qualified to speak about investment opportunities in this space. Todd is often called upon to be a speaker about the CBD industry primarily due to his own company’s products being unparalleled in quality control and testing. In addition to this, Todd’s company has expanded into new areas such as their pet division which provides relief to pets and horses by means of high-quality CBD products. Todd will speak about his background, how he views the CBD/cannabis industry, and what he believes are the current changes and trends in both cannabis and the CBD space.

Endexx is an OTC publicly traded company with a $100M+ market cap. (EDXC) in the market of legally complaint CBD products. EDXC is currently completing an audit and a Form 10 for the purposes of uplisting to a larger public market as SEC reporting. Endexx is considered well known for its high-quality brand, CBD Unlimited which has extensive testing and quality assurances with excellent reviews.

Endexx has several divisions including, CBD Unlimited, Phytobites (pet CBD division) and a recently announced joint venture to release a new product line with world-class superstar, DJ Khaled.


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