Cotton Candy Fluffy Slime Slime DY Bubble Pop Kids and Slime Masters is a really fun Fluffy cotton candy slime! I love how cotton candy taste as well. Fairy Floss Slime! Yes it’s Fluffy Cotton Candy Slime

Hey welcome back you guys my channel and another episode of Make it Monday! Today we are making this awesome fluffy cotton candy slime. This slime looks like cotton candy but please don’t eat it you guys. It smells just like fairy floss, may look like fairy floss but it isn’t cotton candy. It is slime made to look that way. You only need a few ingrediants for this cotton candy slime. I am going to leave the links down below where you can get the cotton candy fragrance oil to make this slime. It should bepretty simple to find on Amazon but I will leave a link for you guys to get this fragrance oil. The scent is pretty sugary and sweet and I didn’t have any issues with the slime changing a brown color later on.

Just be careful not to use to much of the oil or you could risk your slime going to gunk. I enjoy all the slime videos that we make together you guys I really do. I hope you enjoy this slime because it smells so good. It is one of my favorite slimes that we made so far this year. Do any of you remember that song cotton candy sweet as gold… Well I forgot how the rest of the song goes but if I remember it. I will comeback and add the lyrics in. I really hope some of you make this slime and don’t forget to #savynaturalista so I can feature the slime. I love to see your creations and the cool things you guys do with the DIY’s that I make. If you have any request on the type of slimes you would like me to make please let me know it the comments. Now let’s go make this cotton candy/ Fairy floss Slime
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