High Tide (HITIF) $HITIF – This $.40 Marijuana Penny Stock will have 115 Stores in 2021 🚀 – Snoop Dogg Weed Partnership 🌑

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High Tide has partnerships with celebrity and entertainment brands like Snoop Dogg, Trailer Park Boys, and Paramount Pictures

High Tide (HITIF) Marijuana Penny Stock also provides free marijuana Deliveries. This is the future of purchasing marijuana.

High Tide (HITIF) Marijuana Penny Stock has 67 Stores and Plans for 115 in 2021 and yet this Weed Stock is only at $0.40. This makes no sense?!

Marijuana Penny Stock High Tide (HITIF) has the potential to Explode. If you have been looking for a Small Cap Weed penny stock High Tide (HITIF) is absolutely it. Marijuana Stocks have the potential to EXPLODE in 2021 with Joe Biden in office, including this one HITIF. Marijuana should get legalized in the US with the House and Senate controlled by democrats which will cause Weed Stocks to soar. Marijuana will be legalized in 2021 most likely in the USA due to Joe Biden taking office and the house and Senate being controlled by democrats.

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Marijuana stocks rallied after the Democrats took control of the Senate, opening up the possibility of friendlier pot laws on a federal level. Does that make marijuana stocks good buys now?

High Tide Inc (HITIF):
High Tide Inc (HITIF) is around the middle of the Health Information Services industry. HITIF received an overall rating of 51, which means that it scores higher than 51 percent of all stocks.

What is a Penny Stock?:
A penny stock refers to a small company’s shares. Penny stocks are usually considered high-risk investments due to their low price, lack of liquidity, small market capitalization and wide bid-ask spread.

What is a Small Cap Stock?:
Small cap stocks have fewer publicly-traded shares than mid or large-cap companies. As mentioned earlier, these businesses have between $300 million and $2 billion of the total dollar value of all outstanding shares—those held by investors, institutional investors, and company insiders.

What is a Growth Stock?
A growth stock is a share in a business that’s shown above-average earnings and has the potential to grow faster than the overall economy. Because growth stocks tend to be relatively volatile, they are considered to contain some risk.

What is a HIGH Growth Stock?:
Growth stocks are those companies expected to grow sales and earnings at a faster rate than the market average. Since investors are paying a high price for a growth stock, based on expectation, if those expectations aren’t realized growth stocks can see dramatic declines. Growth stocks typically don’t pay dividends.

Example of Small Cap Stock:
You can find small caps in virtually any stock market sector, including healthcare, finance and tech. Some examples of small cap companies include Papa John’s (PZZA), Redfin (RDFN) and Axos Financial (AX). Like large and mid cap stocks, small caps have their own index.

What is a LARGE cap stock?:
Large-cap stocks are shares of the largest U.S. companies, or those with market capitalizations of $10 billion or more.

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