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Blue Razz Cola
Hybrid | 10mg
Retail:$8.00 Cost: $5.00

Keef’s Blue Razz Cola effortlessly brings together the same crisp and refreshing flavors of cola soda with juicy notes of natural blueberry and raspberry. A few sips of THC-infused cola helps the moment bloom brighter as sensations of a boosted mood, tranquility, and ease float in flavor-bursting waves. Keep a bottle handy for on-the-go relaxation or take it out with friends for an elevated way to enjoy social hours. We recommend this edible especially for a quenching moment to wind down the day with. A few sips put our minds at ease and help us wash off the physical tension of long days. For a sweet moment with a burst of elevation- the Blue Razz Cola helps us rebalance, relax, and tune in.


Orange Kush Cola
Hybrid | 10mg
Retail: $8.00 Cost:$5.00

Miss the rush of mixing every single soda flavor over a cup of ice to the horror of lingering adults? Well, then this cola is for you, my friend. The Orange Kush Cola gives off a flavor profile that’s sweet, zesty, and syrupy all at once- much like our childhood fizzy-Frankenstines. A few sips of this edible melts the moment into an uplifted and giggly mood that lingers for some time. Effects spread from mind to body in relaxing waves of euphoria, energy, and creativity that won’t leave you groggy. The Orange Kush Cola satisfies our sweet tooths and our *wild* sides with a mix of juicy flavors that promote a blissful and mild lift.


Purple Passion Cola
Hybrid | 10mg
Retail: $8.00 Cost: $5.00

The Purple Passion Cola is a juicy grape flavored and perfectly fizzy beverage that’s adding a sweeter element to our park days, walks in the neighborhood, and just hanging out in our elements. This sweet treat locks the body into a mild state of tranquility that promotes body-buzzing sensations of relaxation. Ease works its way through the body sip by sip, alleviating stress and tension as it blooms in bright grape flavor. This Keef Cola is perfect for lovers of classic grape-candy flavor and Hybrid elevation that sinks all of the senses deep into serenity.

Keef was born in 2010 as one of the original cannabis-infused beverage companies. It was founded with the intention to provide high quality products that create a more social cannabis experience for all types of consumers. With Keef, you can stay inside the party, join in the toasts, keep the conversation going, and share in the social cannabis adventure. Today, Keef is considered the #1 cannabis beverage brand in the United States according to BDSA.

10 mg THC per one bottle serving.


OZK (14g)
Indica | 14g | 22.5%
Retail: $57.00 Cost: $32.00

A roll-your-own pouch comes complete with strain-specific 1/2 oz pre-ground cannabis, 40 rolling papers, and crutches. Available in indica, hybrid, and sativa.

Baker’s is your super affordable cannabis friend (the one that grows 15,000 pounds a year). We help you sleep when you can’t, lighten up when you’re stressed, and like to party and game. We can hit the beach together, watch some Netflix, and we promise to always appreciate your cannabis routine by keeping prices low, quality high, and ingredients honest. Include us in your next event, and the group will bond and have more fun. We’re Baker’s. Let’s make friends!

we do not condone or encourage the use of Illegal and Legal Cannabis Here in Los Angeles, CA. Do not smoke if your are under the legal age limit or in a state/country where cannabis is still illegal🚫


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