New CBD users ask us all the time if they should take CBD capsules vs CBD oil. Which is better? What are the benefits of both? In this video we look at both products and compare the benefits and drawbacks of both!

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What is CBD Oil?
Let’s start by defining what each product is real quick.

To make CBD you take the CBD that you have after the extraction process and combine it with a carrier oil. If a high-quality carrier oil is used, you are left with a product that has both the health benefits of CBD and that of the oil.

The result is an oily substance that you take by placing the dropper of it under your tongue.

What is in CBD Capsules?
Most adults have taken a capsule before, many medications and pain relievers can be found in gel cap form. CBD brands started doing this because of the ease of use and familiarity it brought to their products and the average consumer.

The gelatin substance that is used to suspend the CBD protects and preserves the cannabinoids until it reaches your digestive track.

Benefits of CBD Oils
There are a few key reasons that CBD oils are still the most popular way to ingest CBD, despite all the other delivery methods that have been developed. In fact, most of the other methods have been developed specifically to overcome the objections people have to taking oils.

By far the biggest benefit of CBD oils is the bioavailability. Bioavailability is a term used to described how easy it is for the body to use a substance ingested and how much of that substance makes it to the cells and bloodstream.

When CBD is taken under the tongue it is absorbed by the mucus membranes and it is shuttled directly into your bloodstream and bypasses the digestive system.

What does reach your stomach is taken directly past your digestive system by the MCT oils, which is a key reason this type of oil is used as a carrier.

Both of these factors give CBD oil an enormous advantage over something like a CBD Capsule that has to be digested before reaching the liver, the bloodstream, and being shuttled to cells.

Variety of Concentrations
CBD oil was the first way that CBD was consumed for health purposes, and is still by far the most widespread way to take the product.

This allows you to choose from a huge number of companies. The terpene profile of different strains of hemp can change the way a CBD oil affects you, so this allows you to try different brands until you find one you really enjoy and works to treat your malady.

You can also get a wide variety of dosing strengths this way. A first time user can get something with a lower dose while someone with chronic pain can opt for a stronger version.

Benefits of CBD Capsules
CBD capsules have several key benefits that make them appealing for some users as well, with only just a few drawbacks.

Ease of Use
Many of us have been taking medicine, supplements or vitamins in gel cap form since childhood and know it is as simple as swallowing the pill. If you take other vitamins or medication you can simply add a CBD capsule to the pills you already take.

Easy Dosing
There is no guessing how much CBD you’ll be getting with a gel cap as the packaging will clearing state dosing.

Travel and Ease of Discretion
The laws surround CBD, hemp and all cannabis related products are still very much in flux in the United States. If you are traveling and unsure the laws surrounding CBD in the area you are visiting, then gel caps are a good option.

Regular consumption is also less noticeable with gel caps, you can easily take one in the middle of the day with water and most people wouldn’t think much about it.

While a lot has been done to improve the taste and texture of CBD oil it still tends to have a woodsy, bitter taste to it. Because of this, some people also struggle with using the substance under their tongue.
As you would guess, CBD capsules have no taste and are no different than any other pill.

Final Thoughts on CBD Capsules vs CBD Oils
CBD oil has a much higher bioavailability and you have a lot more options for concentrations, flavors, and brands than with CBD capsules. Capsules have the benefit of being extremely easy to take and dose, are very inconspicuous and have no bitter aftertaste.


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