We’re still in the middle of a raging pandemic, and, of course, still not sharing weed. I’m tired of it, you’re tired of it, and the community as a whole definitely misses those days when we could all circle up in a back alley and light up together. COVID-19 has interrupted every aspect of life, and with that, adjustments have to be made.

Now, more than ever, we’re looking for ways to experience that magical connection that comes from sharing weed with others. And while passing the joint to the left is on indefinite leave, there are still a few lifestyle hacks and activities that can help you get high together.

The most important thing to remember is the safety of social distancing. Keep your saliva to yourself, pass nothing ever, and don’t exhale in the vicinity of others.

Here are five ways to share weed during a pandemic.

Virtual smoke sessions

I’m on wax in many places saying that virtual sessions are trash, but they are what we have for the time being. It’s not that they aren’t great for having conversations, it’s that without being in person, you don’t have those physical cues of knowing when to talk or not. So they end up being everyone just talking over each other, and you decide that it might be easier to smoke your weed and listen to everyone ramble for thirty minutes. 

Still, adjustments, and currently there is no safer face-to-face method of communication than Zoom, Google Meet, FaceTime, etc. 

Send out those emails and tell all the homies a time and date where everyone can roll a personal joint or load a personal bowl, hop on a computer camera, and share it with the ones you love. Bonus points if everyone has the same product.

Speaking of the same product, another way you can safely share weed during the pandemic is literally by smoking the same thing as your friends, and then having a lil’ AMA amongst yourselves about it. This can be done virtually, but also in person, as long as you’re outside and standing at a safe distance apart from each other. 

While the actual sharing of a joint is still missing, the sharing of weed is still intact, and from there you’ll be able to discuss the product, the high, and everything else we all miss about the ceremonious smoke circle. 

So next time you go to the store to pick up some fresh flower or dabs, buy a double dose of it. Then give one gram to your homie, tell them to roll or load it up, and bam—the connection that comes from being in the moment of a shared high remains alive and well.


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Split a double crutch joint

In the same vein of rolling up separately, splitting a double crutch joint with your friend is the single closest thing you can possibly get to actually sharing the same device during this trying time.

A double crutch joint is simply a joint with a crutch at both ends. You twist up a fatty inside a king size paper, crutch up, then cut the joint in half and toss the other half to whomever you’re smoking with, and voilà: You are now smoking the same weed, and the same joint, but following all the guidelines the CDC has put in place. 

Exchange homemade edibles

For Christmas, a friend got me a jar of gummies that he and his wife made at the crib. It not only made me feel loved, but it also showed me another safe way to share weed during COVID times. 

If you’re looking to sharpen your culinary cannabis skills, maybe it’s time for you to finally whip up that first batch of weed brownies that you’ve always wanted to make. Then you can split up the sections, bag them up, and drop them off to the homies for a review.

Additionally, if you want to get even more out-of-the-box with it, you could do a little Zoom cooking session with your friends where everyone makes their own batch of brownies so that literally everyone is sharing weed with others. A real “bake off” if you will.


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Cannabis stash and dash

On Instagram, I’ve seen 710 Labs out in California doing stash and dash drops. In these, they take a bag of products and leave them at a location, then Instagram it for people to run out and snatch. It’s a great way to share some love (and weed) during this time, and if you’re in the giving mood, you could do something similar with your people.

In the name of connection during a pandemic, whip up a bag of goodies, drop them off at your friends door like an Amazon Prime delivery, then text them an “Ay yo… Look outside.” 

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Danté Jordan is a former member of the Leafly Subject Matter Expert team, and current freelance writer, video producer, and media consultant specializing in cannabis culture, strains, products, education, and everything else related to that lil’ green flower. Contact him at smokingwithdante on Instagram, or dantenetworks(at)gmail(dotcom). His website is www.dantejordan.com.

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