Gout is a complex, but relatively common form of arthritis. Notoriously high in red meat and low in vegetables, the traditional western diet can lead to the development of gout. Gout can present itself in episodes of extreme joint pain.

Most often found in the big toe, gout has been called “the disease of kings.” This is due to its association with many European royals throughout history. Often, gout can be an unfortunate cause of chronic pain.

Gout occurs when an excess of uric acid deposits in the joints. Uric acid comes from rich foods, such as red meats and alcohols. When uric acid levels get too high, gout develops leading to frequent pain.

Gout Risk Factors
Gout is most commonly found in individuals who:

Have diets high in purines (red meat, fructose, alcohol)

Have a family history of gout

Take certain medications, such as diuretics for high blood pressure

-Are male
-Are obese
-Have kidney disease
-Underwent recent surgery
-Experienced recent trauma to a joint
-Gout Symptoms

Gout often first presents as an acute attack of extreme joint pain. This initial attack can last up to 12 hours. Though it most commonly affects the joint at the base of the big toe, gout can occur in any bodily joint.

After the initial attack, most people will experience lasting pain in the joints. Subsequent attacks can occur. Other common symptoms of gout may include:

-Red, swollen, or warm joints
-Severe pain that worsens with movement
-High fever
-Gout Treatments

Traditionally, the treatment of gout includes anti-inflammatory drugs, such as ibuprofen and steroids. Doctors also often prescribe certain lifestyle changes. Sometimes, physical therapy is also involved.

But, many of those diagnosed with gout are now seeking out a more natural solution for the management of their pain and inflammation. Enter, CBD oil.

There are few studies about the effectiveness of CBD for gout specifically. Some studies show CBD oil for Gout has been quite effective as a treatment for other arthritis pain. Thus, more and more of those diagnosed with gout are seeking out CBD oil as a natural treatment.




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