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A study conducted in 2019 showed that 14% of Americans use CBD products. The online popularity of CBD grew by 260%. Surprisingly, the average consumer of CBD is someone with a higher education degree around 40 years of age. Another study showed that 50% of those surveyed used CBD to reduce stress or anxiety. From the same study, 45% said they took CBD to improve sleep.

CBD is also used by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston, Kristen Bell, Morgan Freeman, Tom Hanks and many many more.

The benefits of CBD are incredible with everything supporting everything from relieving chronic pain and anxiety to helping children & pets.

I believe entrepreneurs change the world. I believe entrepreneurs and people with an entrepreneurial spirit are the ones that make this world go round. We’re misunderstood you and I. People don’t get the what life can really be life when you trade a few years of your life like other people won’t to be able to live the rest of your life like other people can’t. As entrepreneurial we need to do 3 things.

Number 1, seize opportunities while they’re in front of us. I don’t believe in accidents. In fact I don’t believe that it’s an accident that you’re watching this right now. If you’re here, I believe there’s something here to take action on or learn from no matter now you got here.

The second is we need to be committed. We need to understand that true longevity and success is found in the long game.

We need to be coachable. We need to be open to new ideas and challenging our own beliefs about what we held to be true. Ego truly is the enemy and not only does it make you unlikable, it makes you unsuccessful.

For years, I jumped from gig to gig. Even as an expert in my field as a web designer, I was being paid well, but I was ALWAYS chasing the next gig. Yeh, I could make 10k in a month, but the fear of increasing my lifestyle and not being able to cover it next month kept me up at night. I had a young daughter and more than anything, I was just sick of not being able to have the lifestyle I really wanted.

So, I started to look for new ways that I could build a sustainable and scalable income, without having to work my ass off, sacrifice my wellbeing and invest a ton of money. I knew I was a hard worker so I wanted something that would reward me for my effort. There’s no free lunches!

Finally I found a way to do that and since then, things have never looked brighter. The opportunity I found is the opportunity I’m excited to share with you today and whether or not you decide to take that path for yourself, hey, you’ll have gained some massive insight and value into this industry and what’s possible. And it hasn’t cost you anything.

So let’s talk about CBD.

CBD is being described as the new Gold Rush. It’s close to a 20 billion dollar industry and has become widely accepted and adopted throughout the United States with other countries eager for their governments to catch up and allow it to be used.

You might be thinking “there’s gotta be something here for me, how do I get in on this?” I thought exactly the same thing when I begun my research.

So how do you capitalize on this growth. How do you create a business and income off the momentum of CBD. Let’s take a look at the options.


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