This is part 2 of my series about my trip to Australia and a new anti-cancer therapy for mast cell tumor called STELFONTA® (tigilanol tiglate)

Be sure to check out part one

What is STELFONTA® (tigilanol tiglate)? It is a new intratumor anticancer agent for mast cell tumors in dogs.

It is isolated from the seed of Fontainea picrosperma, or the blushwood fruit, which is only found in the rainforest of Australia. It is a Protein Kinase C activator and stimulates rapid tumor destruction and site healing with good cosmetic outcome usually within 28 days.

It causes direct oncolysis on the first day, then a tumor vascular necrosis and slough on day 4 and tumor destruction on day 7. There is a defect that heals typically without antibiotics and without bandage and intervention by day 28.

In addition to treating cases I saw a range of cases that were a few days post injection, to 4 and 4 weeks, and 3 years post treatment. The clinical trials have been taking place in Australia for a few years.

I am looking forward to it getting FDA approved in the USA – hoping this will be early 2020. In Jan 2020, STELFONTA® (tigilanol tiglate) has been approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), making it the first pharmaceutical treatment available for all grades of canine non-metastatic mast cell tumours (MCT). Stay tuned for updates.

I am excited to have another tool to treat MCT, especially non-surgical ones in challenging locations.

Looking for more info. Check out the Qbiotics website


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