All-natural products are in vogue right now, but if you want a really clean smoke, look beyond the hype. Pre-rolled King Palm wraps have just one ingredient: Cordia leaf, plucked directly from the tree in farms neighboring their Southeast Asian factory. Hand rolled leaf cones offer more value than any pre-rolled cones for sale.The included filter tips are made entirely of corn husk, some with all-natural terpene flavor beads inside. That’s it—no glue, no additives, no BS.

The best part is that they’re a really, really good smoke. They burn slow and don’t pass any flavor along to the herb. The corn husk filters actively cool the smoke before it hits your lungs. Each cone is already perfectly rolled and shipped at the perfect humidity along with a packing stick, zero guesswork required.

It’s hard enough to find a tobacco-free alternative to a blunt wrap, much less an organic one. With King Palm, there’s finally an ideal way to pack blunts that care for you, the planet, and your herb.

The history of Cordia leaf and King Palm

Flowering Cordia trees have been a staple material in Southeast Asia, Hawaii, and other tropical regions for centuries. Its leaves were used as dye and medicine. While the wood is traditionally used for a variety of things—from canoes to carving—it’s especially popular for making dishes and utensils, since it didn’t pass much flavor along to food.

King Palm sourced many types of leaves when developing its slow-burning leaf pre rolled-cones, but the gentle, sturdy, versatile Cordia tree was the only one to make the cut. The team set up shop in southeast Asia and started partnering with local farms to perfect their all-natural pre-rolled cones and corn husk filters, shipping samples between the factory and their California distribution center.

After some troubleshooting, they figured out the best way to get their revolutionary new pre-rolled cones all over the world. Paper inserts hold the leafs’ shape, while humidity controllers keep them from getting dry, both in-transit and on your shelf.

A more ethical blunt

While some companies have token eco-friendly lines, King Palm has clean and green built into their DNA, right down to the last detail. Their Cordia farms only harvest the leaves from the plant—and they grow back quickly making it an ultra-sustainable crop. Corn husk offers a biodegradable alternative to other disposable filters. King Palm packs each set of wraps with Boveda, the gold standard in two-way humidity control, which uses only all-natural salts and purified water to get the job done. Even the enclosed packing stick is bamboo—no need to add more disposable plastic to the world.

An all-natural, tobacco-free blunt for everyone (even flavor enthusiasts)

Courtesy of King Palm

Minis or kings, flavored or non: There’s a greener, cleaner alternative to any blunt wrap or rolling paper. Each of King Palm’s products is held to rigorous standards from soil to shelf, and the quality control has only gotten stricter. 

After increasing their third-party testing and building new farms from the ground-up, each batch of product has the cleanest bill of health possible, free from unnatural additives.

King Palm’s explosive growth means that you’re never far away from a tobacco-free blunt. In 2020, they even secured a distribution deal with 7-Eleven.

King Palm Leaf Wraps

Courtesy of King Palm

Each fully-organic Cordia leaf wrap is all leaf and only leaf—no additives, no chemicals, not even glue. After harvesting, King Palm rolls and cures each leaf in its Southeast Asia farms before shipping them out to their California headquarters.

The weight of the leaves and the curing process gives the wraps a cigar-like feel, like your classic corner store cigarillo, but without the health risks associated with tobacco. The ready-to-go roll and included packing tool make it as easy to assemble as a paper cone joint.

A variety of sizes have something for everyone; Rollies, Minis, Slims, Kings, and XLs hold anywhere from .5 to 3 grams of herb. If it’s an extra-special occasion, show off with the XXL, which holds a whopping five grams.

Corn Husk Filter Tips

Courtesy of King Palm

Each and every Palm Leaf wrap includes a corn husk filter, a non-GMO, all-natural alternative to the typical disposable filter. Like the wraps, it has no chemical additives—and it doesn’t need them to work perfectly. When squeezed or bitten, the corn husk actively cools the smoke for the smoothest drags. They’re sold separately from the wraps, too, in both 9 millimeter and 10 millimeter sizes. Use them with blunts or backwoods for a more smoother smoking experience, and they make great joint filters too.

Flavored Corn Husk Filter Tips

Flavored blunts are a beloved stoner pastime, but they can be pretty sketchy. What’s hiding under that artificial grape?

For all-natural flavor, try King Palm’s legendary terpene-infused filter tips. Like all of King Palm’s products, there’s no artificial anything—just fruit-derived terpenes and food-grade essential oils in a food-grade capsule. Unlike a typical flavored blunt wrap, a terpene-flavored filter complements cannabis taste instead of overpowering it.

All-natural doesn’t limit your options, though: nine flavor options include Vanilla Vibe, Watermelon Wave, and Berry Terps.

What’s next for this leaf pre-rolled cones company?

King Palm shows no signs of slowing down, and has even more innovation on deck for 2021. That includes its first-ever rollable wraps, a DIY version of the same natural ingredients. Similar to a blunt wrap, King Palm’s wraps use Cordia leaf pulp to create a pliable, easy-to-roll wrap—and each pack will come with flavored filters to enhance your homemade creations.

Social media superfans on Reddit and other platforms have helped propel King Palm from cult favorite to mainstream, allowing them even more room to innovate while staying true to their all-natural roots.

As natural products grow in popularity and less responsible brands hop on the bandwagon, mission-driven companies like King Palm are more important than ever. Check out their full selection at kingpalm.com

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