And the baked beavers are BACK with our fortnightly (biweekly? …we mean every two weeks) episode of #RegularCanadiansEnjoyingWeed where this time, the sesh is with crocheting extraordinaire Carol – the grandmother of past onesie-wearing guest Jared @ravenwolfmedia – who very kindly shares some of her daughter Lori’s homemade savory muffin cannabis edibles with us!

We get talking about 70+ year old Carol’s CBD capsule and edible cannabis regime, which has successfully treated her IBS, helped her through a divorce and generally made her life more enjoyable! Plus.. we can’t help but wonder if perhaps the weed has helped inspire some of Carol’s INCREDIBLE crochet creations!? You’ll get to see things like handmade frisbees, trivets and the beautiful shawls and Star Wars characters made as gifts for Lori @jaredsmumm and the amazing earrings made for US – Kass & Honey!!!

We had just the absolute best time having a second sesh with Carol, Lori & Jared – a beautiful family with a wicked home filled with the coolest things, most welcoming vibe, pleasantly hazy air 😉 and deliiiiiicious food that our own fam loves too!

Hope you all enjoy this episode Beaver Colony (reminiscent of the episode eating edibles with our own grandmother – so fun!), have a very Happy Holidays and a fantabulous end to the year/decade!!

Check out Jared, Carol’s grandson’s episode:

Watch Baba, our grandma’s episode:

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Hi! We’re Kass & Honey – two cousins getting baked in post-prohibition Canada! 🇨🇦

We want to help show what it’s really like now that cannabis (even just for the fun of it!) is legal here in the Great White North, and that there are all sorts of happy, healthy, successful people out there, who are also pot-lovers! 🍁

So, every Friday at 4:20 PDT we will be releasing an episode of our show #RegularCanadiansEnjoyingWeed on the Kass & Honey YouTube Channel. 🍍

As well as on the show though, we just want to get talking with as many occasional-tokers, casual-smokers, sneaky weed-fans, full-on-stoners and quietly-interested-fun-people as possible on our quest to destigmatize this fun and beneficial plant, so hit up @kassandhoney on the usual places – YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook – or check out

And, if YOU also want to help normalize pot, and be able to be loud (high) and proud – Join the Beaver Colony* of #RegularCanadiansEnjoyingWeed and post your pictures, stories, thoughts, tips, anything really – on the hashtag so we can all come out of the woodwork and start blazing together… legally! (Yeaaaaah Canada!)

*that’s the official term for a group of beavers erryone! Canadian facts!

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