Without weed grinders, we’d only have scissors, fingers, or coffee grinders to chop up our weed. Now, with many top marijuana grinders on the market, choosing the best weed grinder can be difficult so I’ve decided to help you out and a review of the best electric, wood, metal, pen, and plastic grinders.

Most weed smokers consider the best weed grinder to be the three-compartment style (or the advanced four-piece grinders) because they offer an additional compartment where an excellent screen that separates the herb from the second chamber where the ground flower is held. This extra bonus compartment is for collecting pollen, also called pollen or kief. A four piece grinder is one for the pros who like to use pollen to make cannabutter, edibles, and extra potent joints and blunts.

The best weed grinder is not always of the four-compartment style, as you will see by the list below, which comprises all kinds of top marijuana grinders, but they do feature high in comparison to the single or double compartment pot grinders. Two piece grinders get the job done just fine, but sometimes the piece of the bud is broken up into inconsistent sizes. That’s fine for packing the bowl of a bong or pipe, but it can make it difficult to roll up into a joint. Large pieces can even tear a hole through your rolling paper.

The Kannastor Grinder is one of the best weed grinders. The GR8TR V2 Jar Body has it all including 2 Easy Change Grinder Plates, a 60 mesh stainless steel Easy Change Screen, Top Lid Bonus Storage and more versatility than other herb grinders. This grinder is a food grade aluminum grinder that simply shreds weed.

The GR8TR is Modular by design, allowing your herb grinder to be assembled into multiple configurations, THE CHOICE IS YOURS! Not interested in sifting? Remove the sifting chamber to create a perfect 3 piece grinder. Store & Sift-Convert your GR8TR into a Storage Sifter and get the most out of your Herbs. Grind & Go-Brake the GR8TR into a slim pocket-size Storage Puck. The GR8TR’s modular design makes it by far the best grinder you can get for your money.

Electric Weed Grinder

The top electric weed grinders are not necessarily marketed as the best weed grinders—they’re kitchen grinders—so you have to know what you are looking for rather than type in “top electric weed grinders” into your favorite search engine.

For $25 you can get the best weed grinders for beginners with the Kitchen Aid BCG. It is simple, not overloaded with settings and hard to screw up. However, the Flower Power Grinder is a crowd favorite because it is the fastest best electric weed grinder on the market. With its 200-watt, 5,000 RPM velocity motor, you can grind up herb in bulk for pre-rolls and blunts in seconds. And it looks amazing too.

The Tobacco Shredder and Cut Converter is a dedicated electric grinder like the Flower Power but what makes it unique is that it can handle up to 50g of herbs at once while combining more than one strain of marijuana evenly. Do you enjoy a mixed joint—something that is one part indica and one part sativa? Then The Tobacco Shredder needs to go home with you.

Weed Grinder Pen

Weed grinder pens are quickly becoming a trendy style of herb grinder because they are insanely portable, versatile, and easy to hide because they look just like a thick pen or marker.

The PenSimple is easily one of the best weed grinders because it acts as a portable storage vault that makes ground herb accessible at the push of a button. Grind, store, and dispense with one simple tool.

Wood Grinder

The best wood weed grinders are unique because they are difficult to mass produce, but they look beautiful, natural, and organic. They make fantastic gifts if you can narrow down the choices to find a long-lasting model with sharp teeth for grinding. Because this style of weed grinder is usually only a one compartment mill, it’s important that they make up for that with durable construction. The top wood weed grinders will not flake varnish into your ground herb.

When shopping online, look for something like a “hardwood herb grinder.” Why? Because in this case, we are only talking about the material that the grinding gear is encased in wood.

The RYOT 1905 4-Piece Wood Grinder is the best weed grinder on the market that combines multi-chambers and beautiful design. The Sweetleaf Grinder comes in second because although it is a natural beauty, it is a single compartment with sharp peg teeth but no real ability to stay closed or lock. The Sweetleaf is not the best grinder when it comes to transporting ground herb.

Metal Grinder

Metal grinders typically come in either titanium or aluminum, both of which are incredibly safe due to the high melt points of those materials. If you invest in one of the following top metal grinders and take good care of it, you will have a mill for life.

Space Case Best Grinder

The top metal grinder on the market right now is the Golden Bell. This model comes in two metallic colors: gold, and graphite. With a typical metal weed grinder, there’s nothing much stopping the herb from getting all over your fingers, clothes and anywhere else that sticky trichomes can attach themselves. The proprietary funnel design of the Golden Bell eliminates this problem by keeping the herb where it needs to be—first inside the grinder and then inside your joint, blunt, bowl, or vaporizer oven.


If you are looking for something a little more low-tech and conventional, try a Golden Bell grinder, which is a four-piece unit complete with large kief catcher and a pollen scraper. As you grow into your cannabis use, this is the kind of grinder that will grow with you and never let you down. Plus it has a lifetime warranty.

Plastic Grinder

Plastic grinders come in two traditional materials. Cheap plastic, like the popular Medtainer, that many dispensaries use to package weed and grind it in one container. The Medtainer style is light, multi-purpose, and surprisingly durable for being made of thin plastic. Then there are acrylic plastic grinders. Acrylic is a highly durable material and boasts a relatively high melting point, though nothing like aluminum or titanium.

Plastic grinders are the cheapest grinder option on the market, and they don’t necessarily make good gifts, but they are a low-cost option for new marijuana users who are just testing the waters with cannabis. If you use a grinder often, plastic will not last as long as other materials, so you may want to consider investing in something better.

The best plastic grinder in the acrylic category is probably the three and four-compartment kind with a magnetized lid and sharp teeth. Magnetization allows you to grind away and store the ground herb inside the chamber without the lid popping off and wasting all of that freshly-ground weed.


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