Without a proper weed storage box, container, or jar your weed will dry out and degrade in potency. As soon as cannabis is harvested, it begins to degrade. But properly stored cannabis can last up to 2 years! Like most people, you probably store cannabis in a plastic bag or whatever else it may have come in. While that might work for a few days, your stash will continue to degrade day after day. So what’s the key to proper weed storage?

Proper Weed Storage

The key to proper weed storage is to use a box, jar, or container that is airtight and doesn’t allow light to reach the cannabis and then keeping that container in a cool place. When cannabinoids come into contact with light, heat, and air they start to react chemically and turn into new chemicals.

For example, when cannabis is first harvested, there is little to no THC in the plant but there is a lot of THCA. THCA turns into THC via decarboxylation when exposed to heat, usually from your lighter, oven, or the sun. But, when heated or exposed to light, THC degrades into CBN.Terracotta Stone

The ideal humidity level for the perfect smoking cannabis is 62%. Beyond, and you’ll begin to encourage mold growth. Below, and your cannabis dried will be dry and burn fast. I like to use these cheap hygrometers meant for keeping an eye on the humidity in reptile’s cage combined with RAW’s humidifying terracotta stone.

Weed Storage Containers

These are specially made containers that are air and light proof made of food-grade stainless steel or plastic. Usually designed for the on-the-go stoner, these weed storage containers are feature packed while staying small and effective.

Stashlight – Smoke Honest

The Stashlight by Smoke Honest is a stash jar, doob tube, and lighter. This 3 in one tube is built from aircraft grade aluminum. The smell proof stash jar tightly locks in your herb or joint. Not only is it smell proof, but the Stashlight is actually waterproof as well. This tube can be taken with you anywhere you go. One more thing, the Stashlight has a built in lighter. The lighter is refillable and comes built inside the doob tube. Wild right!Stashlight doob tube stash jar lighter

Smoke Honest makes modern elevated smoking accessories and weed gadgets. They produce some of the coolest weed accessories on the market.

Stashtray by Myster

The Stashtray is a multi-purpose tray that can hold multiple different jars, grinders, lighters and more. The Stashtray by Myster is for those looking for an exemplary product. By no means is this cheap, but if you are looking for the best stash tray in the world, Myster has it. 

Myster also has tons of other smoking accessories. They offer some top notch weed accessories for the lifted consumer.

STR8 Brand Container and Kit

STR8 Brand Weed Container and KitThe STR8 Brand container and kit comes complete with everything you need to roll including a:

  • Rolling Tray
  • Medtainer Grinder
  • Mylar Bag
  • Rolling Papers + Tips
  • 79mm Roller
  • ConeTube
  • J-Tube
  • Clipper Lighter

The STR8 Brand container is crush resistant, stackable, airtight, lockable, waterproof, smell proof, and dust proof. It also has an automatic pressure Relief Valve and comes in many different colors.

The Medtainer

Medtainer Weed Container

The Medtainer, in my opinion, is one of the top three weed storage containers. It’s inexpensive, comes in a ton of different colors and designs, and has a built-in grinder! Simply store your weed in the top compartment and when you’re ready to smoke, move it to the bottom compartment to grind it and pour it directly into your smoking device.

Don’t let its price fool you; this weed container has never let me down in the 5 years that I’ve owned it. Its teeth are still sharp and it still seals airtight.

The only downside I’ve found with The Medtainer is that I can only fit about a 1/4 oz in it, so it’s not big enough hold all of my weed at once. Also, some of the colors and designs are see through which mean your weed will degrade faster. Check out the Medtainers on Amazon and get one for less than $10!

Weed Storage Boxes

Having a weed storage box or humidor to store your weed is preferred over a jar or container due to its ability to regulate humidity better and allows it’s natural wood taste to permeate into the weed.


Tokebox - Weed Storage BoxThe Tokebox guarantees to be the highest quality stashbox or your money back. It’s made with a high-quality lock, traps odors in, built in rolling tray, and lacquered inside and out. You’ll definitely make your friends jealous when you buy one of these.

You know it’s a high-quality weed storage box when every single review on Amazon is 5/5 stars.

Hakuna Original

Hakuna Original - Weed Storage BoxThe Hakuna Original wooden weed storage box is about half the price as the Tokebox and it comes with a storage jar that can fit a 1/8th of an ounce and a grinder. It’s also a lot more popular with over 3x the reviews on Amazon, which average 4.5/5 stars.

The Hakuna original doesn’t haven’t a lock but it does stay closed with the help of two strong magnets. It also includes a couple removable dividers and can come with a variety of designs on top.

Hakuna XL

Hakuna XL - Weed Storage Box

The Hakuna XL is a weed storage box made of solid wood and unlike the Hakuna original, it comes with a lock. It’s 9.5 inches tall and 5.75 inches wide. The Hakuna XL also comes with a grinder, 1/8th-ounce container, and a small tin.

The Hakuna XL comes with one of two different designs on the top and a 4.5/5 star average review. This is the best stash box for the average stoner and a little small for a heavy smoker. So what are you waiting for, go pick one up on Amazon for $54.95.


Pollen Box - Weed Storage BoxIf you like rolling your own joints and blunts RYOT storage box is a must have for your day-to-day weed storage box. With a built-in screen, you are able to clearly see everything inside. RYOT accessories are very well known, and the company has been around for many years

Because the RYOT storage box is made from untreated wood, you’ll get the added benefits of a humidor and get a boost in taste.

Rolling Box

Weed Rolling BoxDo you roll your weed into joints or blunts all the time? If so, you should probably get a rolling box to keep all of your rolling supplies handy alongside your cannabis.

This rolling box is 7in x 6.25in and has plenty of room to keep all of your stuff. It has two wooden knobs to hold your papers and a rolling tray to catch anything you may drop. It comes complete with a roller, papers, and a couple doob tubes to keep your joints or blunts extra fresh and safe while traveling.

Weed Storage Jars

This is by far the simplest and most cost-effective way of storing marijuana correctly. Glass is impermeable, meaning that no moisture or air can get through it. It is also non-reactive and inert, so it does not release any chemicals that would affect the taste and smell of stored cannabis.

Mason JarWeed Mason Jar

A canning/mason jar is the perfect cheap weed storage jar. You can get one almost anywhere and you might even have a few in your kitchen. These iconic jars come in every size imaginable for your weed.

The only downside is that they are clear, so make sure you keep them in a dark place or paint the outside with UV blocking paint to prevent your cannabis from degrading.

Starting at only $6.50 for a set of two, you can’t go wrong with a mason jar, especially if you have a lot of weed to store or cure.

420 Science Glass Jar420 Science Weed Jar

When you think of a weed storage jar, you’re probably thinking about one of 420 Science’s jars. These guys are the industry standard and carried by almost every headshop out there.

  • Measures 4 inches tall by 3.125 inches wide.
  • Constructed from thick shatter resistant glass.
  • Machine blown glass.
  • Permanently baked on decal.

They’re airtight and come in a variety of sizes and tons of designs. Get yours today for under $25.

Herb Preserve Glass JarHerb Preserve Weed Jar

Herb Preserve’s glass jar blocks ultraviolet light and comes in many sizes.





Herb Guard Glass JarHerb Guard Weed Jar







Aluminum Stash JarAluminum Weed Jar







Final Tips for Storing Your Weed

Remember to observe these weed storage tips for the best smoking, tasting, and potent buds possible.

  • No Light
  • No Heat
  • No Air
  • 62% Humidity


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