Cannabis isn’t a general component that people include in their regular diet. It still has a taboo vibe to it, despite the wave of legalizations. It’s safe to say that many people consume cannabis, but the recent investigations around it have allowed us to understand its unique properties more closely. Owing to the changing atmosphere around it, we’re now finding out more and more details about its amazing potential when it’s put to good use. That potential is unleashed in cannabis oil. 

You might not be a smoker but still want to get in on the incredible health benefits of cannabis, and that’s fair! Everybody deserves to make the most out of this nature’s gift without having to smoke it. Well, one of the most popular ways of cannabis consumption is through cannabis-derived oils. In this article, you’ll learn how to make cannabis oil quickly and easily!

Let’s first figure out which cannabis type you’d be using for the recipe. It could be CBD rich, THC rich, or just balanced for this quick cannabis oil recipe.

The cannabis type choice also depends on what you’re trying to achieve with the oil. If you’re only after the health benefits without feeling any psychoactive effects, the preferred type of cannabis would be high-CBD and low-THC. Oil extracted from CBD-rich strains is perfect for daily consumption, and anyone can consume it.

It’s the opposite for people who want psychoactive properties in their cannabis oil too. They should be leaning a bit towards the THC side, as compared to CBD. This THC-rich cannabis oil can help a lot with muscular pain, insomnia, epileptic attacks. You get all of these benefits without having to put any smoke through your lungs, which is a win-win!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  •   A large pot (about 4 L capacity)
  •   A small pot (1 L)
  •   A metal sieve
  •   A weed grinder
  •   A glass container
  •   A coffee filter
  •   One thermometer
  •   A spatula
  •   20-25g dry cannabis (cured)
  •   ½ liters of extra virgin olive oil
  •   5 liters of water

Cannabis Oil

The Recipe

Unlike some other recipes which can involve waiting for weeks, the one we’ve chosen is much faster. You just need to grab the stuff mentioned above and get right to it. As a bonus, the oil we get is going to be more refined too.

Step 1: Boil the Cannabis

Place your dry-cured cannabis and add enough drinking water to cover it fully. Let it boil, and then lower the heat to the minimum and let it sit for 10 minutes. Stir occasionally.

Step 2: Strain it

Once the 10 minutes pass at the lowest heat setting, it’s time to strain the cannabis. Pour it all out into the metal sieve and let the water drain away. You don’t need to press the weed to get the water out, just let it happen.

This whole boiling and straining process needs to be repeated until the water drains out crystal clear. It usually takes about three rounds.

Step 3: Get it as dry as possible

After having drained the cannabis for the third time or so, you’ll have to lose as much water content from it as possible. You could use kitchen paper or other absorbing materials to place the wet weed on top, but make sure you keep all the cannabinoids intact. Please handle with care, and let the leftover water be absorbed away by the kitchen paper on its own (don’t press it!).

After the end of step 3, your cannabis would be thoroughly cleaned. All of the insects, dust particles, or chemicals like chlorophyll and leftover minerals will now have been removed. No cannabinoids would be lost though, as marijuana doesn’t attach or dissolve with water – and that’s all we’re using!

Step 4: Add the extra virgin olive oil

Place the dried cannabis into a small pot and add 500 ml virgin oil into it.

Step 5: Prepare the Bain-Marie

The next goal is to heat the cannabis to ensure that all its cannabinoids get dissolved in the oil well. For this, you’ll need a large pot of water, and then the smaller container with cannabis in it, floats inside. Once this heated bath is all set up, boil the large pot. 

Step 6: Bain-Marie timing

Once the water in the large pot starts boiling, the assimilation of the cannabinoids will have officially begun! It’s a slow process and takes a few hours, but it’s way faster than a lot of other week-long methods out there. It requires two to three hours at a stable 100°C with occasional mixing for the best results, and that’s where your thermometer could be useful!

Step 7: Voila!

Once step six is done, all you need to do is let it all cool down. Then, strain the mixture using your coffee filter, and be super careful while doing this. Make sure no cannabis bits get through the filter, and you’ll be left with refined cannabis oil!

You’ve now successfully made your first ever batch of cannabis oil at home. It’s recommended to store it in a cool, dark area, to make sure the potency of your cannabinoids doesn’t fall. All the best!



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