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CBD comes from a plant called Cannabis Sativa. That SAME plant is the one where marijuana comes from – BUT … they are VERY … very different.
You see cannabis sativa can be bred to have high levels of different cannabinoids. There are CBD, CBG, CBN, THC (that’s a very popular one) and literally about 90 more.

CBD is the one we are interested in here.
If you have been paying attention to the news lately, you may have heard that CBD is now legal in the United States. *It should NEVER have been illegal in the first place — but none the less, we are happy that times are changing.

CBD is absolutely amazing for you!
Did you know that your body is actually meant to process cannabanoids? Well it is. It even has a grouping of receptors called the EndoCannabinoid System that seek out ingredients like CBD so that it can utilize them.
We have a very high concentration of cannabinoid receptors in our skin. They are associated with pain sensation, appetite, immune function, mood and more. When you apply CBD to your skin, the receptors take up the ingredient and help your body to soothe and heal itself.

If you are someone that is dealing with chronic internal problems like migraines… you should look into taking this as an internal supplement.
But, if you are dealing with things like neuropathy, fibromyalgia, stiff joints, backaches, psoriasis, dry, wounded or cracked skin and other general pains you need to take a look at topical CBD products such as our Canna.
Couple of key things to focus on when you are buying CBD.

What to look for. Milligrams.
You purchase CBD by milligrams. The higher the milligram the stronger the product. You will see many creams out there with 100mg, or 250 milligrams or even 500. 1000 milligrams is where our Canna is formulated.
What to watch for. Full spectrum or Isolate?

Another key to watch out for is if the CBD is Full Spectrum or Isolate. This is very important. Remember when I told you there are literally 100 different cannabinoids? Well, when they are kept together you get this process called the “entourage effect”. Full spectrum uses the entire plants compounds. All those CBD, CBG, CBN…. Initials? They work synergistically to give you the BEST benefits.

There is another way to buy CBD and that is an isolate. When you think of isolate… think of isolated. They take OUT the CBD and use it all by itself. Now you are only working with that cannabinoid. Excellent – but not generally as good as it could be if you used Full Spectrum. Got it?

One last thing. THC
Last thing I want to mention is THC. That is the ingredient that can cause psychoactive effects. It is a natural cannabinoid that comes from plants looking to capitalize on a “high”. It is also found in microscopic amounts in Full Spectrum CBD.

What I don’t want here is for you to be scared that this is going to give you the same effect as smoking marijuana – it won’t!!! Most doctors agree that this is safe to put on children.

In order for this to be 100% legal, the CBD cannabis sativa is grown in a way to maximize the CBD and minimize the THC. There is less than 0.3% THC in full spectrum CBD. Once it is processed, there is usually even less. You should always be able to view the testing done on your CBD product to see the exact percentages. With our last batch of finished cream, the THC was not even detectable.

Of course this sounds great right? Well I just wanted to add a couple of awesome extra bonuses about our formulation here.

Not only do we have 1000mg of pure, Full Spectrum CBD … but we have it blended with our Certified AEA Emu oil. This oil is already used on its own to help with inflammation, ingredient penetration and pain reduction.
According to a study done at Texas Tech it was reported that topically applied emu oil reduces burn pain as effectively as 600 mg of ibuprofen taken 3x daily! Wow! I will state that I have applied it to a burn and yes.. it helps immensely and pretty much immediately.

We also have two other KEY ingredients in this blend. MSM – which is used for wound healing, pain reduction, inflammation and allergic reactions… and….
Glucosamine. Which helps to accelerate wound healing by stimulating hyaluronic acid synthesis in the skin’s cells. *Its also excellent for wrinkles.

Rub it into sore muscles or gently apply on a burn or other pains. After a few minutes you will generally feel noticeable relief.
*Yes… its that fast! Is it a miracle? For some dealing with chronic pain… it certainly could be.


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