With Colorado being the first state to legalize cannabis the population of cannabis users in Denver is massive. I personally live in Denver so I wanted to give you the 5 best smoking spots in Denver. Enjoy at your own risk:)

1. Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge

Closest Dispensary: Aroma Dispensary – 5433 Quebec St.

smoking spots in denver

                Courtesy Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge Facebook page

Rocky Mountain Arsenal is an amazing refuge about 15 minutes from Denver. It is one of the coolest places to toke in all of Colorado due to the astounding backdrop of the city skyline, mountains mixed with many species of wild animals. Arsenal Wildlife Refuge offers 10 miles of hiking trails that take you all around the park to observe wildlife, photograph nature and maybe spark up a J.

However, it does get busy at Rocky Mountain Arsenal sometimes. To make sure you don’t bother anyone with your cannabis consumption, you can take the 11-mile wildlife drive! This allows you to still enjoy the park while also being a little more private while smoking bowls. Just make sure you have a responsible and sober driver!

2. Cherry Creek State Park

Closest Dispensary: Ascend Cannabis Co. – 3555 S Yosemite St.

smoking spots in denver                                                                                                Courtesy visitauroa,com

Cherry Creek State Park is one of the best places to visit in Denver, especially for the outdoorsy, adventure-seeking stoner. Camping, boating, trails, and fishing are just a few of the activities you can do here. This state park has so many amenities and excellent places to smoke just grab your lighter; you’ll want to spend a few days here!

The trails consist of 12 miles of paved trail and 35 miles of multi-use trail. So, if biking is more your speed, there’s plenty of trail at this park! Cherry Creek State Park is also well known for its birding. This area attracts many different types of raptors, and they can be observed hunting and fishing in the wild.

3. Confluence Park

Closest Dispensary: Rocky Mountain High Dispensary – 1538 Wazee St #100

  smoking spots in denver                                                                          Courtesy Undercover Colorado

If you want to enjoy some weed right in the heart of Denver, look no further. Confluence Park is located in the LoDo (Downtown) area of Denver and is right next to a TON of fun activities, fantastic restaurants, and the Denver Contemporary Museum of Art. It’s also located next to the Light Rail and Union Station, so it’s effortless to get to this park.

One of the best parts about Confluence Park is it’s FREE! You can enjoy the water and the beautiful scenery for nothing at all. Tubing, swimming, and kayaking are very popular in the river, and the park can be quite busy sometimes. This would be the place to use some edibles or a vape pen, so you don’t disturb fellow park attendees.

4. City Park

Closest Dispensary: LOVA – 3121 East Colfax Avenue

smoking spots in denver                                                                                                    Courtesy denvergov.org

This is another gem right in the middle of Denver! City Park is best known for being the location of the Denver Zoo, the Denver Museum Nature & Science, and the City Park Golf Course. It’s also an excellent place to light up and soak in the views. If you’re looking to smoke downtown, this is the best smoking spot in Denver downtown. 

In addition to the museum and zoo, City Park also has tennis courts, football and soccer fields, and a 3.3-mile trail. You can also enjoy some fishing in Ferril Lake or rent a bike and ride around the trail. No matter what, you’ll find something to enjoy about this gorgeous park in the middle of Denver! If you’re looking for the perfect discreet accessory to take on the way, checkout the Stashlight

5. Denver Botanical Gardens

Closest Dispensary: Alternative Medicine on Capitol Hill – 1301 N Marion St.

smoking spots in denver                                                                          Courtesy usnews.com

The Denver Botanic Gardens is located 1.6 miles from City Park and is right next to Cheesman Park. While I wouldn’t recommend smoking a pipe or bong in the gardens, you could definitely use edibles here and have a great time! Just make sure to take them at least 30 minutes before you go to the Botanical Gardens.

The Denver Botanic Gardens is one of the top 5 botanic gardens in the nation. It’s 23 acres and hosts a variety of themed gardens, an amphitheater, and various collections of flowers and plants. It’s a fun experience that allows you to learn and enjoy plants and other kinds of nature that you might not have ever been able to see.This rounds out the best smoking spots in Denver. 

Best Smoking Spots in Denver

Just to recap, the 5 best smoking spots in Denver are the Botanical Gardens, City Park, Confluence Park, Cherry Creek State Park, and Rocky Mountain National Refuge.


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