I created this list of the best and worst cannabis affiliate programs for newbie, intermediate and veteran cannabis affiliates looking to monetize their cannabis blogs or social media sites, or just marketers looking to expand their niche.

What Is An Affiliate Marketer?

Affiliate Marketing, in essence, is all about pitching other people’s products and getting a cut from the sales you help generate. As an affiliate marketer, you are the person who helps bring in sales to a company. Many successful affiliates do this through blog posts, YouTube videos, Social Media, Email marketing and many other creative methods.

What Are the Benefits of Affiliate Marketing?

  • Cost-effective: You don’t have to worry about the production cost as the product is already developed by the seller. You don’t need a physical business location or hire employees either.
  • Global Market: Online marketing gives you the opportunity to reach people all over the world easily.
  • No Fees: You don’t need to pay anything to join affiliate programs (note: don’t ever join an affiliate program if they require some sort of cost!)
  • No Storage No Shipping: You don’t need to worry about storage, packing or shipment of the product. They are all taken care of by the seller.
  • No Need for Customer Support: You don’t need to provide any customer support or deal with consumer complaints as the Seller does that for you.
  • Passive Income: A regular job can give you a fixed income as long as you continue to work. Depending on your marketing skills affiliate marketing can create a steady flow of income even when you are not in front of your computer. It’s a spectacular feeling to check your inbox and see you’ve repeatedly made money just by doing a couple of hour’s worth of work.
  • Work From Anywhere: As long as you have an internet connection, a computer (preferably) social media accounts and an email list, you can be a successful affiliate marketer


The Best and Worst Cannabis Affiliate Programs

Resources For Cannabis Affiliates

The Best and Worst Cannabis Affiliate Programs

I’ve broken down this list of the best and worst cannabis affiliate programs into three distinct categories: The Dank, or those programs that I think are, well, dank. The Mid-Grades, those programs that I honestly don’t know much about or get mixed reviews and Bobby Brown (aka The Huff Stuff), the programs I would avoid at all costs. Due to the sheer number of cannabis affiliate programs out there this list will be updated regularly, so check back often.


Grasscity: I have heard mixed reviews about Grasscity but they have always been good with their payouts and notifying me when I make a sale. So I have nothing but good things to say about them. Their commission rate is reasonable, at 10% of a total sale. However, something that sets them apart is their tiered commission model, meaning you can sign up others under you and make a percentage of their commissions.

Smoke Cartel: Smoke Cartel offers a comprehensive selection of vapes, bongs, grinders, rigs and every other smoking device possible–all from one sleek, colorful website. Here’s the catch though, Smoke Cartel doesn’t have an affiliate program per se, more of a referral program. What this means is that upon signing up you’re provided a coupon code that provides an individual 5% off at checkout. You receive points you can redeem for products or other fun swag.

Green Goddess Supply, LLC: Green Goddess Supply offers high quality and fairly easy to promote smoking accessories for young and old smokers alike. GGS offers some of the higher commission rates on the list, with 12%-18% paid out to affiliates from each relevant sale. 

CannaBox: Considered the #1 smoking subscription box, with CannaBox affiliates receive 10% of every cannabox sold through their link. 

Vape World (Now Known as Vapor.com): Vapor.com is one of the largest producers of quality made vaporizers on either side of the Mason-Dixon line. And if you don’t get that, no worries. You’re not an American and/or you didn’t pay attention in high school. Either way, Vapor.com will have you covered. As far as their affiliate program, their payout rate is similar to others on this list, going a high as 15% per sale. The great thing for you is they feature many products that have a high conversion rate.

CannAffiliate: Finally, an affiliate marketplace that caters specifically to the cannabis vertical. Promote cannabis dispensaries, CBD brands and online head shops in this must-have for cannabis affiliates. 

RevOffers: RevOffers is another popular and widely used affiliate marketplace. Many of the programs on this list are included on the RevOffers, ShareASale or Commission Junction platform, so keep that in mind. RevOffers, similar to the aforementioned sites, offers affiliates a wide array of tools to use for their online success.  

Fiverr: Fiverr is my number one platform to find freelancers offering services ranging from web design to virtual assistance to teaching you how to land your soulmate. When I first began KushCA I used Fiverr for everything tech-related on my site, it was my go-to for website assistance. Since then I have used their services for a myriad of tasks and have even begun to advertise my own services on their platform. Fiverr offers an ever-evolving affiliate program with a fairly simple goal–drive traffic to Fiverr sellers. The great thing about this program is that you can modify it your niche, for example, if you’re in the CBD niche you could promote only sellers who offer CBD-related services. They also offer a two-tiered affiliate model, allowing you to spread your reach even further.

Crak Revenue: More geared towards adult paysites, Crak Revenue offers a wide selection of G to R rated materials you can use to promote. I typically focus on their gaming and dating ads, because everyone knows even stoners get lonely.

ShareASale: ShareASale has been in business for 20 years, exclusively as an Affiliate Marketing Network. They offer a wide range of affiliate programs in the cannabis, CBD and cannabis accessory market through an impressive array of merchants. I personally promote a few of their companies, which I will include on this list.

Diamond CBD: A CBD program with a fairly high commission rate of 20%, Diamond CBD, which is managed by ShareASale and Max Bounty, has over 1,000 products from popular, celebrity-endorsed CBD brands. Affiliates can potentially make some decent coin if they push these products right.

Herbalize Store: Another business offered on the Shareasale platform, Herbalize Store sells handpicked, premium vaporizers in the US, UK, and Canada–making it a potentially accessible offer. Affiliates have access to an assortment of banners, text links and other marketing materials. While commissions only top out at 8%, average orders are around $200 and a 30-day cookie period.

CJ Affiliate: CJ Affiliate, or Commission Junction Affiliate, is another affiliate marketplace that works with large brands, such as Office Depot and Barnes & Noble. If you can find an angle of your cannabis site that you can use to promote the products of these companies then CJ Affiliate is one of the best platforms to utilize. If you can’t, not a problem. They offer a wide range of merchants who sell CBD products and cannabis accessories.

Pure Relief: Out of the myriad of CBD brands I’m going to include on this list, Pure Relief is perhaps one of the most recognizable. I would recommend this program for new affiliates for this fact alone, as the name recognition will make it easier for you to convert. You can sign up for their program through ShareASale. Affiliates earn a generous 20% commission for products sold. 

AirVape USA: I personally use AirVapes products and can attest to their functionality. You can easily make passive profit from this affiliate program through a few blog or YouTube reviews. Affiliates can expect to earn 15% commission. With the proper payment processor, you can also dropship their products or purchase them wholesale.

Magical Butter: You can find the Magical Butter sold in other online shops, some of which may be included on this list. I would highly recommend signing up for the affiliate program directly from the source, as the Magical Butter machine is probably one of the best affiliate programs on here because it gives you an exclusive URL that offers an exclusive 20% discount. Not only that, affiliates receive a generous 20% commission on this highly converting edible making machine. 

CBDfx: If you’re looking to get into dropshipping CBD products, just know that it can be a bit tricky depending on where you live and how much money you want to spend on a payment gateway that works with cannabis businesses. If that’s your bag, one of the businesses I would recommend utilizing is CBDfx, which tailors its programs for drop shippers and affiliates. You can sign up for their program through Revoffers, and they offer a healthy 20% commission on all sales. 

Green Roads CBD: Green Roads is an award-winning CDB company that offers affiliates 12% commission from products sold and offers a wide array of CBD products. You can sign up for their affiliate program through the ShareaSale platform. 

Admitad: Admitad is similar to CJ Affiliate in that you have a mixed bag of merchants. Some are very reputable, some are not. However, those that are solid provide you a wide range of methods through which you can promote their products. From banners ads, text links, tailor-made coupons and data feeds you will more than likely find a method that resonates with your audience. Offers a wide range of commissions.

Elixinol: Another well-known, high-end CBD oil and vape supply store, Elixinol, in my opinion, is a good option if you’re just starting out as an affiliate and are looking for a product that easily converts. Unfortunately, the payout isn’t that great, with only 10% commission going to affiliates. However, if you get other eager affiliates to sign up under you you receive 3% commission on 2nd tier sales — meaning on the sales that your referrals-turn-affiliates make.

Joy Organics: There are tons of CBD companies out there, which means there are TONS of CBD affiliate programs out there as well (hence why this list will be updated regularly). With all these CBD companies out there, it’s hard to choose one that is reputable and actually converts. I would suggest you only stick with companies that have somewhat of a name-brand. Joy Organics is one such company, although they don’t offer anything radically different than other CBD companies on this list. Affiliates earn a generous 25% commission on sales they generate. You can easily sign up through the ShareASale platform. 

Avid Hemp: A fairly new brand on the CBD scene, Avid Hemp offer your typical array of CBD gummies, vapes, tinctures and the like. Affiliates can expect to receive a generous 30% commission off sales they help generate.

ILoveGrowingMarijuana: One of the things I like most about the ILGM affiliate program is that it practically sells itself. When you sign up as a new affiliate you are provided a free ebook called the Marijuana Grow Bible to provide to your audience, incentivizing them to make a purchase at some point. Not only that, it offers one of the higher payouts on the list, with 20% going to affiliates for every purchase made by a customer.  

Sensi Seeds: Another well-known name in the cannabis seed vertical, Sensi Seeds offers affiliates a generous 20% commission with the opportunity to make up to 30% if you’re able to show them you’ve got what it takes to market their product.

Impact (Formerly Impact Radius): Impact Radius has an evolving database of unique international CBD brands including Healthworx CBD, Peacock CBD, Canzon and many more you will find on this list. Commission rates vary.

Nutra Pure LLC CBD Affiliate Program: A program that offers multiple well-known and converting CBD programs, including CBD Pure, CBD Pets and Swift CBD, Affiliates can expect to receive a very tasty 40% commission for sales they generate. While clicking through I noticed each affiliate program seems to land to CBD Pure’s affiliate program page, so it appears it is the same products repackaged for different brands. Regardless, there are reviews of others who have found success in Nutra’s 2-tier system, so it might be worth your time.

Max Bounty: Max Bounty is a mixed bag but I have found some cannabis-themed products to promote from their different merchants, most notably being Eaze and Emjay. And through this platform, I was able to make some decent money. That said they are not cannabis-specific, so use at your own discretion. 

Buzz Delivery: I was really excited to see the Buzz cannabis Delivery program advertised on the CannAffiliate platform, as weed converts well and you can make some damn good money if you know how to push programs like this right. Affiliates can expect to receive 25$ off every sale generated. The downside is that this service is only available for California residents, and more specifically those that live in the California Bay Area, so you will need to target your traffc.


These are a list of affiliate programs that aren’t necessarily bad, I just don’t have personal experience with them or the reviews are mixed. I encourage you to thoroughly research each one to see what program fits best with your ambitions:

CBD Essence: I don’t know much about this program, as I stumbled across it accidentally. That said, they tout themselves as having the “best CBD affiliate program” and they’ve apparently been in operation since 2014. Affiliates can expect to receive up to 40% commission for sales generated, making it one of the highest commission rates on this list. They also offer a reseller program, which, if you have the correct payment processor, could be another lucrative avenue.

Cannastick: The cannastick is a portable straw for dabbing concentrates on the go. Created by the famed CannaVapes, this is a very good product to promote as it easily sells itself. Affiliates can expect to receive 20% per sale, however, you have a pesky $100 minimum payout to contend with.

Ryan Riley’s How to Grow Weed 420: While Ryan Riley’s Growing Elite Marijuana is certainly popular in the affiliate vertical and is absolutely full of valuable information, the garish landing page and early 2000’s feel might be a turn off to many affiliates. That being said, it’s still around for a reason, so if you feel the grow niche is applicable to what you’re going for it might be a good fit. If you are successful, the rewards will be great. This affiliate program offers 57% commission from each sale! 

Dip Device: When I dip you dip they dip. And what could be better than making money from one of the more innovative vaporizers on the market, the Dipper? Dip Devices was founded in 2014 and launched their flagship Dipper in 2017. Affiliates earn 15% commission off every sale. 

Zombie Kits: While Dugouts are often thought of as the smoking devices of baby boomers, they have consistently sold for perhaps this very reason. Zombie Kits offers some of the highest-rated smoking kits on the market (perhaps only second bested by Green Goddess Supply), with a healthy 20% commission offered to affiliates.  

VaporNation: I just signed up to VaporNation recently, so while I cannot personally attest to their payout, responsiveness, etc., the reviews about them have been nothing but good. From what I have initially gathered they have perhaps the widest selection of vape goods (even more than Vapeworld), as well as the option of drop shipping their products. If you can find a decent payment processor (likely one overseas), then this may be a potentially lucrative option. 

Not Pot: Not Pot is a fairly new CBD company that prides itself on being a leading direct-to-consumer CBD brand. Beyond offering a best-in-class CBD product, Not Pot’s mission is to #freeplantsandpeople aka destigmatize hemp and fight against criminal injustice. You can sign up for their affiliate program through the ShareASale platform. Affiliates receive 20% commission off products sold. 

Dopeboo: Another stalwart in the online headshop industry, Doppeboo is known for offering free shipping on all orders. Affiliates receive 10% commission for every product sold, however, you also receive $20 in your account just for signing up. The downside is you need to generate at least $100 in commissions before being paid. 

aPotforPot: Affordably priced micro-grow kits for those with more of a green thumb, aPotforPot seems to be a decently managed program with 15% commission for affiliates and a 90 day cookie period. One thing I like about this program is that similar to ILoveGrowingMarijuana affiliates are provided an ebook you can utilize for higher conversions.

Everyone Does It: EODI is an online headshop that features a large variety of bongs, grinders, pipes rigs and every other stoner piece imaginable. Keep in mind there are a few versions of this affiliate program, namely a UK and a US version. Affiliates receive 10% commission for products sold.

Honey Stick: Like most programs in this section I cannot provide a positive or negative about the Honey Stick affiliate program. However one gripe I have with it and other affiliate programs on all this list are the $100 minimum threshold payout rate, meaning you need to generate at least $100 in commissions before seeing a dime. Now I get it, I know programs are doing this to weed out the serious affiliates from the ones just looking to slap links everywhere in their site, but I would be remiss to say unless you have a large audience you can market to or a large and consistent source of traffic, it will take you plenty work and time to generate $100 in commission sales. And some programs have been known not to pay out, just saying

Speedgreens.co: Eh, I don’t know about this one. I was reluctant to add a dispensary to this list, as 1) they don’t typically offer affiliate programs, 2) I have another article where I speak to the different cannabis brand ambassador programs available to West Coasters, and 3) dispensaries exist in somewhat of a legal gray area. Also, Speedgreens.co pays you through PayPal. And with PayPal’s very public hatred of all things cannabis, there is a very good chance you might never get paid. That said, affiliates might receive 10% in commissions.

EdenPure7: The link to this companies affiliate program is not readily available on their website, which may make it seem like they don’t have one. However, you can find their program on the ShareASale platform. Affiliates can expect to receive a 22% commission for sales they bring in.

Jaxon CBD: Again, choose one or two affiliate programs and stick with it. And for the love of all that is money-making do your homework before signing up–meaning check out reviews of the numerous affiliate programs on this list. Jaxon CBD specializes in organic hemp flower (buds), pre-rolls and a wholesale program. Their affiliate program offers a modest 15% commission with a typical 30-Day cookie period.

The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store: Something I’ve noticed is that most affiliate programs for seeds companies have really low commission rates. That and their websites often appear as if they were last updated when Dawsons Creek was a thing. Both of these things might turn your audience off, as no one wants to relive the early 2000s. The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store offers its affiliates 10% commission for each sale they deliver. But there is an upside– affiliates can make more money on their 2 tier system and signup bonus.

NYVapeShop: While perhaps not as well known as vapor.com, NYVapeShop offers an impressive array of vaporizers, something I’ve found to be a product that converts. While their commission is fairly low at 10%, they do offer a cookie tracking that never expires.

Mission Farms CBD: Another popular CBD brand, Mission Farms offers affiliates 15% commission for sales they generate. 

Aspen Green: Another CBD program with nothing special that sets it apart, Aspen Green offers affiliates 10% commission with the option of larger commission rates for successful affiliates. However, be prepared to wait awhile for a payout. These are one of those affiliate programs with a minimum $100 payout threshold. 

Grow Ace: Another “leading” supplier of grow tents, grow lights, grow essentials, nutrients, hydroponics and more, Grow Ace offers its affiliates a typical 10% commission and a 30-Day Cookie period.

Paradise Seeds: I don’t have much experience with Paradise Seeds but I’ve read affiliates have had success promoting their products. My only advice would be if you’re going to promote a seed company you choose one to promote and give it your all. Affiliates of Paradise Seeds receive 15% commission with a 10% off coupon. 

NuLeaf: NuLeaf is another CBD affiliate program you can choose for your affiliate ventures. They are committed to bringing their customers the highest quality CBD products and offer affiliates a generous 15% commission on sales that you help deliver. 

VapeBright: Yet another vaping affiliate program, what sets VapeBright apart is their higher than average 25% commission rate for affiliates. It marketed right it could be a lucrative partnership.  

Hemper: Hemper offers a monthly cannabis accessory subscription box, a format gaining popularity in recent months, especially as people steer from more traditional shopping methods to online shopping. Discover new premium smoking products, name brand collab items, and exclusive celebrity collaboration products. Affiliates receive between 4%-8% commission for every product sold. 

Hemp Bombs: You often see Hemp Bombs at your local convenience store, and for this fact alone it could be a product that converts for you. Affiliates earn a very comfy 20% commission for sales they help generate. 

Mana Artisan Botanic: Mana attempts to separate themselves from the CBD pack by offering top-shelf (artesian) CBD products. Commission rates start at 15% and can grow for motivated affiliates. 

Direct CBD: Another celebrity-endorsed cannabis program (oh the hypocrisy), this one is the distribution partner of Snoop Doggs favorite felon Martha Stewart. You can find Direct CBD and the Martha Stewart line of CBD Products on CJ.com affiliate network. Affiliates earn a basic 10% commission on sales generated.

American Hemp Oil: You’ll see this CBD company promoted on a few affiliate list, and after some clarification, I determined that they are in face, legit. Affiliates can sign up for the AHO affiliate program through ShareASale and can expect to receive a generous 25% commission on sales generated.

CBDAffs: A fairly new CBD focused affiliate network, CBDAffs offers a large number of popular CBD brands, including Diamond CBD. Affiliates can expect to receive a varying commission.

CBD Pure: Another CBD brand I’m unfamiliar with, CBD Pure has the upside of offering its affiliates 40% commission on all sales. My experience is that programs that have unusually high commission rates sometimes have a poor product or other issues, so do your homework. 

MelonCBD: Another CBD company that specializes in tinctures, gummies and oils. One bonus is they’ve created special landers for specialized CBD sub-niches, such as arthritis, pets etc. You can easily sign up for their program through the ShareASale platform. Affiliates receive 20% commission for sales generated.

Chong’s Choice CBD: What converts better than a product advertised by a celebrity? Chong’s Choice offers the public 100% natural CBD oils and gummies. You can find Chong’s Choice on both the Diamond CBD Program, which is managed by ShareaSale, as well as Max Bounty. I’ll leave it up to you to decide which platform works best. Affiliates earn 20% commission for sales generated, with the ability to earn more for successful affiliates.

High Supplies: Not much differentiates High Supplies from other cannabis seed affiliate programs, however, they have been in the business since 2006, so they are legit. Affiliates earn between 20% to 30% commission depending on the value of the traffic you provide. 

Emjay: Emjay is a cannabis delivery company that services the Los Angeles region of California. You can sign up for their affiliate program through ShareaSale. Affiliates earn 6% off each sale. The catch is while you are promoting a very popular product you will be promoting it to a very specific region, so make sure your promotions are targeted. Thus far I haven’t seen any sales. Again, they are a cannabis delivery service, so we’ve already covered the pros and cons of promoting those.

Receptra Naturals: You are going to see a lot of CBD affiliate programs on this list, as CBD is the new craze, even among those who used to demonize cannabis at one point. I’ve seen mixed reviews about Receptra’s affiliate program, however, affiliates earn 20% commission. 

Cannibrands: Cannibrands specializes in CBD infused Creams, Balms and Sublingual Drops. Affiliates are provided a very nifty 25% commission on sales they help bring in. Signing up is a snap on the Cannaffiliate platform.

cbdMD: A somewhat well-established CBD brand, cbdMD provides affiliates a unique coupon code for 15% off as well as 90-Day cookie tracking. Affiliates can expect to receive a generous 18% commission on all sales they generate.

Dealzer Grow Supplies: Grow supplies are a vertical I’ve been having more interest in as of late, with more folks getting on the DYI tip due to all of our coming to grips with our own mortalities. But I digress. If you have a cannabis site that deals more with the horticulture aspect of cannabis then affiliate programs such as these are a great fit. Dealzer pays affiliates 15% commission for sales and will work closely with you to convert, which is a bonus.

Genius Pipe: Genius Pipe is a link of high-end, technologically unique smoking devices suitable for a variety of substances that deliver a unique smoking experience for discriminating consumers. They are the makers of the famed Genius Pipe that many a stoner covet. Affiliates receive 8% commission from each sale delivered and you can sign up for their program through the ShareASale platform. 

Plain Jane: With the CBD market rapidly evolving there is a slew of CBD affiliate programs to choose from. Plain Jane stands out due to value and their quality products, hands down. Plan Jane affiliates receive 6% commission from each sale delivered.

Daily High Club: I joined DHC affiliate program about 2 years ago and have made an astonishing 37 cents from them off a $10.00 sale. Definitely not great, not super awful, but nothing that got me high with euphoria.

TheGreenGuys: More of an MLM (multi-level-marketing) program, I would recommend TGG for more seasoned affiliates with a strong stomach for MLM programs. TGG offers your usual array of CBD products, including rubs, salves, gummies, tinctures, etc. Their ML program is multi-tiered, meaning commission rates vary. However, it appears their starting rate is 5%, a payout more on par with Amazon’s.

Everyonedoesit: A UK based company, EDI offers commission rates similar to Amazon, meaning around 5%. I cannot speak to the timeliness of their payouts, as I’ve yet to make a sell with them. But that’s my issue, not yours.

Pachamma: A fairly modern and sleek looking CBD brand, that seems to be all that sets Pachamma apart. They sell your usual assortment of full-spectrum, CBD infused products. Affiliates can expect to earn 18% commission off sales they bring in. Signing up is fairly easy through the Impact platform.

Amazon: Amazon’s affiliate program is a mixed bag. While they have the most products to choose from, at 4% they offer the least, and I mean THE LEAST commission from sales. One plus, however, is that Amazon tracks a customer through your affiliate link for 24 hours, so an individual might end up buying a box of Bisquick Pancake Mix when they initially clicked on your link for a Chinese made Dab Rig. Also once you have racked up enough sales through your Amazon Associates link your commission is bumped up to 8%. 

Terpene Botanicals: Terepene Botanicals is a unique terpene blend store that delivers statewide. Their affiliate program is generous, with 20% of total sales going to affiliates. They also offer new affiliates $50 just for signing up, meaning you really only need to make $50 in sales to meet your minimum $100 payout threshold. 

Canzon: This brand offers a sleek, intuitive site, something you should definitely look for when promoting a brand. It’s easy to see why–if a brands website looks bad it will be an immediate turn-off for a potential buyer. Canzon is different than others on this list as it’s a European supplier that distributes to many European countries. This could be potentially lucrative if you have a European market you can target. Commissions range from 10-20% with signup through the Impact Radius platform.

Savage CBD: Another CBD program that seems to have potential, Savage CBD offers your usual array of gummies, vapes concentrates and the like. Affiliates can expect to receive a very generous 35% commission with another generous cookie period of 90 days.

SuperCloset: The right cannabis affiliate can expect to make amazing returns through this program as affiliates earn a commission of 10% per sale, with the average transaction totaling over $2,000.00 for this indoor grow shop business. You step up your affiliate game and affiliation with SuperCloset could prove super lucrative.

Crescent Canna: Another CBD program that you can find on the Cannaffiliate platform, Crescent Canna sells organic, USA-grown CBD products including gummies, drops, high-potency oils, isolate, freeze roller, high CBD flower & pre-rolls and a Wholesale program. With a 30% commission rate they also treat their affiliates pretty well.

Dr. Weedy: Even though weed is recreational in many states, there are just as many more that only provide cannabis in a “legal” capacity to medical patients. This is why affiliate programs such as Dr. Weedy remain profitable. Another upside, unlike a host of other cannabis affiliate programs on this list, Dr. Weedy allows you to withdraw with a $10 minimum. Their site gives a conflicting amount of commissions an affiliate can receive, with one paragraph saying 10% and another saying up to 30%. If it is 10% commissions on every sale, at $39 a pop, that isn’t all that wonderful.

Pure Hemp CBD: I don’t have much to say about this program, as I have not taken any real steps to actively promote them. That being said they offer affiliates 40% commission, which is among the highest payout rate on this list. 

Peacock CBD: Along with a modern, albeit, unfinished looking website, Peacock offers premium tinctures and topicals. They also distribute boutique brands such as Wunderkin vape products and Dolittle Farm hemp buds. You can sign up through the Impact platform and can expect to earn 15% commission for sales you help generate. Affiliates are also offered unique promo codes and deep links, which are ways you can link to any product page (or page in general) on their site that you like.

Seedsman Affiliate Program: I can’t provide either a negative or a positive for S.A.P, as I have not really done much to promote them. For me, their products simply don’t seem to fit the audience I believe I’m serving. I could be wrong, of course. So if you happen to sign up for their affiliate program let me know how it goes. Affiliates can expect to receive 10% commission off sales generated.

Miracle Seed: Supplier of Colorado cultivated CBD-oil, Miracle Seed offers its affiliates 30% commission and provides multiple banner formats & coupons for marketing tools. You can easily sign up through the Cannaffiliate platform.

SeedSupreme: I just signed up to SS however, I have not read any strikingly negative reviews about them. In fact, the general consensus is that they offer fairly a fairly reasonable commission rate of 15% with products that sell. Check back in a few months for an update.

CBD Dog Health: CBD infused pet products are perfect to market to people who treat their dogs like children and their children like cats. Affiliates can expect a niche that converts well due to its increasing popularity. CBD Dog Health offers 10% commission off sales and you can easily signup through the ShareASale platform.

Pure Hemp Shop: Nothing differentiates this CBD affiliate program besides its exceptionally high commission rate, at 40%. The downside is the affiliate program is hosted on the Reversion platform, which you may feel lacking due to its sometimes outdated interface and lack of marketing materials.


These are the types of affiliate programs I would steer clear of either because of poor payout, incompatibility with a cannabis site or because they are no longer in operation: 

Clickbank: You may see videos within your YouTube timeline proclaiming you will become a millionaire in no time flat thanks to the unbridled power of Clickbank’s affiliate program. While there certainly are marketers who have made good money on Clickbank, they simply have no good products tailored or even relevant to the cannabis market (except for ebooks on how to quit smoking cannabis and sketchy CBD brands). For this fact alone I wouldn’t even bother. 

Dr. B-Well Pharmaceuticals: So many CBD brands, so little time. Well, I actually had a little time so I did my homework. Unfortunately, this companies URL is corrupted and the landing page for the affiliate program looks, well, shady as hell. Stay away.

Billowby: I worked with Billowby mostly due to the fact that they were a San Francisco-based company. I didn’t promote their products as vigorously as I could, therefore I can’t speak to how responsive they were when paying out. However, they do have a unique line of cannabis accessories, so they’ve at least got that going for them. Update: As of November 1st, 2018, Billowby is no longer in operation.

Crop King Seeds: One of the original innovators in online seed dispensaries, Crop King Seeds was founded in 2005 and offers affiliates a very generous 20% commission off every sale. The very substantial downside is you need to generate at least $200 in commissions before being paid. For this reason alone I wouldn’t even waste my time.  

SpeedGreens: One of the few online dispensaries outside of California that offer an affiliate program, SpeedGreens operates in somewhat of a unique gray area in Canada’s regional pot laws. That said, while the products will definitely convert, they don’t seem to have a way to sign up for their affiliate program, which they definitely have a link to. If something changes I’ll keep you posted.

Quebec Cannabis Seeds: Quebec Cannabis Seeds, or QCS, offers affiliates 20% commission per sale, 5% commission on sub-affiliates (people you sign up under you) and a 3-month cookie span (most affiliate programs offer a 30-Day cookie span). A cookie is what allows a site to track who you refer to their site. If a person makes a purchase within that “cookie span”, you receive a commission. Unfortunately, this site’s affiliate program seems to have gone the way of the DoDo. Don’t bother. 

Weedbox: Weedbox is another curated subscription box tailored for the indecisive cannabis enthusiasts. As of August 2020, their affiliate program is no longer in operation. 

Frontier Jackson Premium CBD: Another CBD company that offers a wide selection of CBD vapes, tinctures and oils, affiliates can earn 10% commission for sales they help generate. However while this link takes you to their affiliate page, it doesn’t appear there is a way to actually sign up for their affiliate program. For this reason, I wouldn’t bother.

MegaToke: Grrr, I’m pained even writing this, as it hurts to be stiffed by a company proclaiming to be “down for the people”.MegaToke, unfortunately, is not “down” for either you or I, decent hard-working cannabis entrepraneurs looking to make a decent buck. Beware affiliate, while their product converts (well I have to admit) nary a dime you will see from the scammers at Megatoke. Steer clear

Cannaffi: Similar to the aforementioned Dr. B-Wells, Cannaffi unfortunately leads to you a corrupted site. Don’t even bother. 

Namaste Vape (Now Known as CannMart): Another CBD Affiliate program you might see floating around, CannMarts affiliate program no longer appears to be functional.

Green Cultured Cannabis College: Look, your online degree from a cannabis college is worth and will continue to remain worth diddly squat. You do not need a cannabis college degree to enter or be successful within the industry but you might need a college degree or some sort of vocation. Don’t fall for this. Spend the money you would have wasted on bullshit PowerPoint presentations on business management night classes at your local community college instead. All this is beside the point, as the company doesn’t even offer an affiliate program anymore.  

THC University: I stand by my previous assertion. If you feel like swindling people out of their hard-earned money you will at least get rewarded handsomely for it. Affiliates receive $25 per sign up. 

Trichome Institute: Another online cannabis educational portal, I think the information presented in their courses is fairly useful and the prices for the courses shouldn’t break your bank (although I cannot speak to their quality). You might find this one included on affiliate lists but trust me, it does not offer one. 

EzTestKits: You might think this is a home drug testing kit, which it kind of is. EzTestKits actually test the purity of your drugs, which I find as not being a good fit for my audience. However, if you feel you’ve got an angle– go for it. Affiliates receive a varying commission. 

Plus CBD Oil: Another CBD brand that is growing in popularity, I couldn’t find an actual affiliate program associated with the company. For this reason, I wouldn’t waste your time. 

Warrior Plus: If you’ve got a product you’ve created and you’re looking to create a sales funnel on auto-pilot, then yes, Warrior Plus may be a good resource. If you’re looking to promote Hemp or CBD products forget about it, WP offers only one program that links to a deserted IP address.

Resources for Cannabis Affiliates

There are TONS of resources out there for new affiliates. I am only going to recommend the ones that I find useful or that helped me in my journey. Some of these resources are books, most are just sites or software that I find extremely helpful. I would also encourage you to explore taking courses in affiliate marketing. While this is something I haven’t personally done, one of the most fundamental things you should be investing in as a new affiliate marketer is yourself.

Facebook: No brainer here. Facebook has a group for everyone, yes, even cannabis affiliates. Join this group as well as the hundreds of others for affiliate marketers to gain some healthy insight into the industry.

Affilorama: As a newbie affiliate marketer it’s crucial you learn the ins and outs of affiliate marketing. Affilorama offers over 100+ free lessons including a range of interviews and videos from other professionals within the industry. If you want to get set up fast with most of the work done for you (and done right!), then you’re looking for AffiloJetpack from Affilorama. AffiloJetpack quickly builds optimized affiliate websites that convert, meaning users make money faster — on autopilot. Click here for a free guide on how to find the best products to promote as well as the best methods to drive traffic to your affiliate offers.

Canva: Canva is an absolute must if you are an affiliate, any kind of affiliate, and wish to create original, captivating content. And to top it off, this resource is absolutely free. Canva helps creative and not-so-creative individuals like myself create everything from Blog Banners to YouTube thumbnails to tailormade coupons from their catalog of pre-designed themes. If you’ve already got your adobe skills on point, you can utilize Canva’s impressive array of images, videos, templates to take your designs to the next level. If you’re a bit more acclimated to the affiliate game and are on the fence about paying for their Pro features keep in mind the free version should have everything you need to get started. If you feel you need access to their library of professional images, templates and video, then the paid version will only set you back $12 a month with the option to cancel at any time.

YouTube: You’re already spending a ton of time stoned on YouTube so you might as well put your procrastination to good use. YouTube is chocked full of tutorials on everything from how to create a niche website on WordPress to how to successfully market your blog on social media. If you’re not able to afford courses on affiliate marketing, or reading isn’t your thing, then YouTube is the safest bet for learning about the affiliate marketing game.

Pinterest: Perhaps one of the most underrated tools for affiliates, Pinterest allows you to “pin” content from your blog, as well as your affiliate offers, to Pinterest’s extensive database. Users search for content via keywords and the most popular and relevant content is shown first– similar to Google. The fact that you can add affiliate links directly to your pin allows for your affiliate products to gain more exposure.

Medium: Not only can you make money from writing on Medium, for a small fee you can also find a cadre of well-written and informative articles on blogging, affiliate marketing, eCommerce and many other pertinent topics. Again, if you don’t have the money to shell out for an affiliate course, the small membership fee you have to fork over for a wealth of information on affiliate marketing will be worth it.

Quora: If you have a question about affiliate marketing you need answering, specifically cannabis affiliate marketing, Quora is a resource you need to begin utilizing now. On the flip side, if you happen to be knowledgeable about a specific topic you can join their partner program and earn money from questions you ask and answer.

Link Collider: This site is strictly for newbie cannabis marketers, as I would expect more advanced marketers to already be utilizing the myriad of free traffic out there. However, if you’re looking to gain more followers on social media, or drive more traffic to your blog (real people, not bots) then you should use Link Collider. LC is able to offer “likes” and “shares” and website traffic through a barter system, in a sense. You either purchase tokens to generate traffic, etc., or you view other websites, follow their Twitter account, etc. to garner the same. It’s easy and it actually works. And because these are real people clicking through your site, sharing your content, etc. you actually might gain some conversions.

Spark Traffic: Another site that helps drive traffic to your site, as well as improve your rankings on Google, Spark Traffic should be utilized when you’re first beginning your journey into cannabis affiliate marketing and only if you know what you’re doing. While not the most intuitive, the site actually offers two types of traffic, something I didn’t discover until it was much too late. The first, and cheapest, source of traffic is bot traffic, which, while not ideal does have its purpose. For example, if you have a new site that you are attempting to rank, then targeted bot traffic can actually help you achieve that. If, however, you’re looking for real visitors who take real actions on your page, then you purchasing their premium plan is your best bet. Not only are these real people, but they are also targeted for your offer, thereby increasing the chance that your affiliate offer converts. Again do your due diligence before making a purchase.

Vidnami: I just recently signed up for Vidnami’s software and it has been a virtual game-changer. Not only can I flip articles I’ve written into tailor-made, high-quality YouTube videos, I can also create amazing video ads, FB posts and anything else related to the visual medium. And it all looks super professional. I was hesitant at first to purchase Vidnami, as I thought the price wasn’t worth it. But it is. If you’re looking to expand your blog’s reach into the visual medium, you must get Vidnami. You can create amazing product reviews utilizing any of the affiliate programs on this list and upload them to YouTube in minutes. If you click on the following link you can enjoy a free 14-day trial of Vidnami, where they’ll show you step by step how to create videos for your affiliate offers. During this 14-day trial you can create as many videos as you want and begin to drive traffic immediately to your affiliate links!

Oh, something else I forgot to mention. The team at Vidnami has just released the new 2021 edition of The Ultimate YouTube SEO Cheat-Sheet to help you quickly rank your cannabis videos on YouTube & Google.

And best of all they’re giving away the new cheat-sheet for FREE!

Click here to download it now: https://www.vidnami.com/c/KUSHCA-youtube-seo

Inside the 2021 cheat-sheet you’ll discover 22 tips pro marketers use to quickly rank their videos on YouTube, including:

  • proven formula for writing video titles that get clicks.
  • 3 tags your video must have to maximize your traffic.
  • The single biggest factor that impacts video rankings, and how to nail it!
  • 7 simple tricks for generating natural inbound links, and how to give your video a traffic jump-start immediately after you upload it.
  • Plus much, much more!

Grab the new YouTube SEO Cheat-Sheet now to secure top rankings, boost your traffic, and increase your profits with video. Click here to download it now for FREEhttps://www.vidnami.com/c/KUSHCA-youtube-seo

Mantis Ad Network: There are really only three legitimate advertisement companies that work specifically with the cannabis industry. Mantis is heads and shoulders above the rest due to how long they’ve been in operation, whom they’ve partnered with, and an all-around better business model. You’re also going to find that Mantis offers better payout rates than Traffic Roots or Puff Ad Network. The only downside is that you need to be driving consistent traffic to your site to be considered as an advertiser.

Traffic Roots: While the payouts aren’t as stellar as Mantis, Traffic Roots is slowly establishing itself as another player in the cannabis advertising vertical, something that will surely explode if and when cannabis is legalized on a federal level. While Traffic Roots will accept you regardless of your traffic numbers, don’t expect to be paid much for what you bring in.

Puff Network: Puff Network is the newest cannabis advertising company, and it shows. Payouts are low, although not as low as Traffic Roots. However, the quality of the merchants they promote is a mixed bag, meaning the advertisements they display could be more of a turn-off to your audience than anything profitable.

Interested in creating your own cannabis niche website? Click the link to this article here.

Got questions? Feel free to ask them in the comment section (or leave them in my inbox) and I’ll answer them as soon as I can. Also, let me know if your company has an affiliate program you would like included on this list!

This article contains affiliate links. Of course it does! I need to eat too.


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