Almost all of us have been there: You go over to a friends’ place to spark up some of the good stuff and have a good time. You break out your grinder and that quarter of green you just bought and start grinding up your bud, ready to get high. You pick up your buddy’s bong and EWWWW!!! It’s CAKED in residue on the inside and the bong water smells like…well…like bong water. They haven’t cleaned this piece in months! GROSS! If you don’t know how to clean a glass bong, you will soon. 

Even if you don’t have friends coming over and smoking out of your bong, you still probably want to take care of this most important of tools. It’s much easier than you might think. So, here are a few tips and tricks to help you get your piece clean and percolating!

Clean a glass bong

– Sink with running hot water (a bathtub works too)

– Small cereal bowl

– 70%-90% rubbing alcohol

– Salt

The first thing you’re going to want to do is take out any of the removable parts like the bowl (or slide) and stem. Put your bowl and stem in the cereal bowl and pour enough alcohol in to cover them completely. Let them soak while you move on to cleaning out the bong.

Next, run your sink with hot water and put your bong underneath so that it starts to fill up. You want the water to continuously run through your bong for about a minute. You’ll notice a lot of the resin chunks will start to come off, but there will probably be some residue left.

Pour about a tablespoon of salt (more if you have a bigger bong) into your bong and then a half a cup of the rubbing alcohol. Don’t pour too much salt in because it will clog up all of the percs and will result in you wasting rubbing alcohol and salt.

With the proper amount of salt and alcohol in your bong, you’re going to want to start shaking it, making sure to cover all the openings with a finger or a hand. You’ll notice that the alcohol will begin to turn brown as it strips the residue off your glass, and it will be very easy to see when the bong is clean.

Pour out the salt and alcohol and rinse with the hot water until all of the alcohol/salt mix is gone. You can slosh the water around in your bong to help get any salt that might be left. Then just fill your piece with water, dry the outside and BOOM, now you know how to clean a glass bong! You’re ready to toke!

Formula 420


One of the best bong cleaners out there is Formula 420. Their cleaner uses what’s called “AbrasivAction™ technology”. It’s essentially the same idea as the salt and alcohol method, but with a much stronger cleaner and larger scrubbing salts. This is useful for anyone that can’t seem to clean out their bong and there is always some residue left.

Res Gel


Res Gel is a revolutionary product that makes it easier than ever to clean your pieces except without the harsh smells, scrubbing salts and mess. Res Gel comes in an easy to pour pouch that doubles as a “Shake-a-Bag”. You can pour some of the gel into your bong and then open the top of the pouch and throw in your bowl or stem. Res Gel is environmentally friendly and won’t leave scratches on your glass like some of the scrubbing salts-based cleaners.

Res Caps


Also from Resolution, a great product to have so you don’t get any Res Gel, or any cleaner, on your hands: Res Caps. Res Caps are silicone covers that go over the mouthpiece and hole where the stem goes so you can clean your pieces without getting cleaner or gel on your hands. You fill your bong with cleaner, put the caps on all the openings of your piece, and then shake! You don’t get anything on your hands and your bong looks brand new!

 For more info checkout the complete guide to cleaning your bong


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