If you’re new to smoking cannabis, choosing among the many varieties of cannabis types and strains can be pretty exhausting. After all, you’re given literally hundreds to choose from! We’re here to show you exactly how to choose the best cannabis strain for you. 

So you fall back to the default method of choosing the strain. If you’re after some energy boost, you choose Sativa. If you’re after a little relaxation or sleep, you choose Indica. If you want a mix of these effects, then choose a Hybrid strain.

It’s so easy to remember, right? Sativa energizes; Indica relaxes.

But here’s what many beginners to cannabis don’t realize though. These cannabis varieties have been mixed, crossbred, and backcrossed so many times in the past decades that these simple definitions based on their “expected effects” no longer apply. A strain may be labeled a Sativa but may have more Indica effects. The varying effects can completely take anyone by surprise and impact one’s first cannabis experience.

So, how then will you choose a cannabis strain that will best fit your mood or purpose?

THC, as we all know, is the psychoactive cannabinoid. So any strain that has a high THC content will produce psychoactive effects, be it Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid.

If you simply want to get a little high, choose a strain that has a higher THC content than CBD. And if you’re looking for a strain that can relieve your symptoms without getting you high, then choose a strain that has a higher CBD content than THC. This still gives youthe medicinal benefits of cannabis’ Entourage Effect without triggering anxiety, paranoia, and other THC-related side effects.

best cannabis Strains

In addition to cannabinoids, cannabis also produces a wide variety of terpenes. These are the essential oils that make each strain unique in terms of its aroma, flavor, and even effects.

Some terpenes have a citrusy, minty, and flowery aroma and flavor, while others have skunky, woody, and earthy tones. Some terpenes make you feel more alive and creative, while some terpenes make you feel sleepy and very relaxed 

So before using cannabis, know why you need it in the first place 

Do you want to relieve your anxiety, stress, and depression? Then choose a strain that has a high limonene, linalool, and myrcene content. These terpenes are known to help reduce these symptoms.

Do you need cannabis to help you sleep better at night? Then choose a strain that contains high levels of linalool, myrcene, and terpinolene. These are terpenes that promote relaxation and sleep.

How about a good strain for pain control? Strains rich in caryophyllene, pinene, eucalyptol, myrcene, linalool, and humulene are great in relieving pain. By understanding terpenes, you can always choose the best cannabis strain for the current situation you are in. 

There are cannabis websites that describe the different strains and categorize them between Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. Some of these sites have also listed the strain’s unique features, effects (both medical and recreational), and cannabinoid and terpene profiles. These sites can help you narrow down your list. Quick Tip: User reviews found in these websites are also a great way of knowing a strain’s effects.

You can also look for the strain’s laboratory report online. These laboratory tests also show the strain’s cannabinoid and terpene profiles.

Additionally, you can also ask the budtenders from your local dispensary. They can help you choose the best strains perfect for your needs and purposes.

Best Cannabis Strain

So before smoking just about any weed you can get your hands on, know it’s cannabinoid and terpene content so you can, at least, have an idea of its effects. This will help you determine the best cannabis strain for you at any moment. 



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