Honestly, the year 2020 was quite the wild ride. With everything from wildfires to a global pandemic thrown in the mix, not to mention the loss of life and the sheer uneasiness that lingers on with every passing moment.  We could all use some time to relax. A ubiquitous smoking tool found all around the globe. The mere existence of bongs helps alleviate some of the stress that we’ve been dealing with. The impressive growth and acceptance of the marijuana industry has led to a boom in products. We’ve seen the market saturated with products that aren’t quite up to the mark. Fortunately enough, we’ve compiled an article listing some of the best bongs of 2021, which are sure to offer you the time of your life!

4 Best Bongs of 2021

#1- Smoke Honest Capsule Water Pipe:

If you’re looking for a bong that looks as great as it makes you feel, Smokehonest’s Capsule Water Pipe might be your best pick! This bong encapsulates the perfect balance between its sleek, minimal design and maximum functionality. Constructed from shatter-proof borosilicate glass, the capsule water pipe design is easy to clean, easy to use. It can be conveniently stored and carried, with a sneaky magnet attached to the lid that holds the lighter. If all that wasn’t enough, the capsule system hosts an arsenal of accessories, such as ashtrays, herb grinders. All of which further enhance your smoking experience. Don’t freak out, this bong is dishwasher safe. Wild Right? Now you know why this guy made the best bongs of 2021! 

Best bongs of 2020

#2-  Session Bong:

The next pick on our list is nothing short of sheer excellence, with an angled mouthpiece and an elegant glass body. The Session Bong fits in your hand, home and heart seamlessly. Reasonably priced at $120, the Session Glass Bong hosts a wide variety of features, including a handy-dandy silicone footer that indicates the waterline and protects your borosilicate glass from accidents. Should an inevitable accident take place, the Session Glass Bong is fully equipped with an extra grommet, bowl, and down stem, ensuring that your smoking experience carries on no matter what!

best bongs of 2020

#3- The Hexagon:

If you’re one of those people who seek the biggest thrill out of life but maintain a minimalistic and low-key aesthetic and Instagram feed- the Hexagon is the perfect match for you! Priding itself on its sleek, angular, and downright breathtaking design. The Hexagon is the best bong for any occasion. If you’ve got a party going on, or a lonely night that won’t seem to end, the Hexagon can alleviate some of your worries, with ceramic and glass body, along with the vibrant (and impossible to not look at) red, black and white colors that it comes in. This great bong is priced at a hundred bucks. An investment that will prove to be worthwhile once every Friday comes along.

#4- Heir Waterpipe:

The glorious Heir Waterpipe is a bit on the pricier side, at $260, this glass bong is the synopsis of every cannabis connoisseur’s dream. With an intuitive grip, an incredibly easy-to-use design, and an ice-friendly glass chamber, the Heir Waterpipe takes your smoking experience to the next level. By offering a bliss-inducing, smooth performance, the Heir Waterpipe hits different. It might even erase the line between your smoking experience, and transcend it into a religious one!

Now that we’ve wrapped up our mind-boggling picks for best bongs let us know your favorite in the comments below. The last bit of advice we’d like to offer our readers is to stay on the lookout for new deals! The Bong market is going to be expanding in the coming years. Look at these top players to lead the pack for the best bongs. 

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