LA is a massive city with millions and millions of people. LA is home to dozens and dozens of dispensaries and cannabis users. We took a trip out to LA to find the 5 best smoking spots in Los Angeles.

1. White Point Park/Beach

Closest Dispensary: San Pedro Dispensary – 986 W. 1st St, San Pedro

smoking spots in LA

                                                  Courtesy californiabeaches.com

Down at the very bottom of the LA map is a beautiful place known as White Point Park and Beach. White Point is known for its diving, swimming, surfing, and fishing. This makes it a great spot for the active stoner that wants to take a dip in the ocean and then maybe spark of a joint. It’s also great for the toker that just wants to relax and enjoy the sun.

If you’re not really feeling the water, the White Point Nature Education Center and Preserve is a 102-acre preserve with two different hiking trails and an education center. Both trails are an easy 0.8 miles long and offer benches and picnic areas, but also some pretty unique sites.

The Grasslands Loop Trail lets you walk around the nature education center, but you also get to see where the Nike missile site was. And on the Vista Trail, hikers can get a peek at the old coastal defense gun emplacements from 1942. White Point is definitely a fun place to smoke.

2. Venice Beach

Closest Dispensary: Green Goddess Collective – 1716 Main Street, Venice

smoking spots in LA

                                                                                                                   Courtesy of hotelirwin.com

We can’t talk about Los Angeles without mentioning Venice Beach. It has the boardwalk, beach, and a ton of awesome places to eat all in one location. Venice Beach has so much to do that you might have to spend a few days here to find all the cool smoke spots.

There’s also a ton of activities to try or watch like surfing, kiting, or playing some beach volleyball. You can also visit the skate part if you have your board and check out all the giant bodybuilders at the famous Muscle Beach Outdoor Gym.

3. Griffith Park

Closest Dispensary: Greenwolf LA – 2950 Los Feliz Blvd #100, Los Angeles

smoking spots in LA

                                                                                     Courtesy of kcet.org

Griffith Park is the place for anybody and everybody! Whether you love nature, wildlife, theatre, space, or just having fun, you’ll be able to find it here. There are so many activities and attractions at this park that it’ll be hard to decide which to do first!

Griffith Park offers:

–         Bike rentals

–         Camping

–        Golf

–         Hiking

–         Horseback riding

–         Swimming

–         Tennis

But Griffith Park isn’t limited to only outdoor activities. You can also visit the Griffith Observatory, Samuel Oschin Planetarium, Greek Theatre, and Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round. Talk about a fun time! One of our favorites in this list of best smoking spots in LA.

4. Exposition Park

Closest Dispensary: University 20 Cap – 253 W Jefferson Blvd, Los Angeles

best smoking spots

                                                                         Courtesy of tripsavvy.com

Exposition Park is known as the home of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, where the USC Trojans have been playing since 1923. The Coliseum also hosted two Super Bowls and two Olympic Games, making this an excellent spot for any stoners that love sports.

If sports aren’t your thing, maybe science will pique your interest. This park is home to the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles and the California Science Center. You can also visit the California African American Museum if history is more your passion and Exposition Park has a wonderful rose garden that makes for a great spot to toke up.

5. Los Angeles State Historic Park

Closest Dispensary: Dr. Greenthumb’s Los Angeles – 2011 Pasadena Ave, Los Angeles

The Los Angeles State Historic Park is a pretty simple park, but it’s a perfect place for smoking a joint or ripping a vape. It offers 32 acres of land that can be used by anyone for whatever recreational or educational activity they might have. Not to mention, being able to see the city skyline is pretty dope. This would be a great place for these weed gadgets.

This park is located right next to Chinatown and has easy access in and out. You can go on a fun trip to Chinatown and then enjoy a bowl in the park once you’re done. And if you’re a baseball fan, Dodger Stadium is literally across the highway. This is the perfect place to smoke a joint before a baseball game.

This rounds out our list of the 5 best smoking spots in LA.


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