The hemp flower has been one of the most growing trends among cannabis enthusiasts. No doubt, everyone loves the intense sense of awareness that comes with blunts of hemp flowers. In fact, smoking hemp flower is perhaps the best and most effective way to consume CBD.

Cannabidiol, short as CBD, is one of the many more than 115 cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. Other cannabinoids are THC, CBG, etc. Unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD doesn’t produce a psychoactive effect. On the contrary, CBD helps people calm down, feel relaxed, and enjoy. If that wasn’t enough, there are multiple health benefits associated with CBD.

When CBD interacts with a person’s bloodstream, it helps regulate mood, sleeping patterns, appetite, and other bodily functions. Many studies show that consuming CBD through hemp flowers can create a soothing, calming effect which may help a person calm down almost instantly. It happens because, unlike CBD oils and creams, smoking CBD hemp flower directly sends CBD to your bloodstream and induces the effect almost instantly. In short, smoking CBD hemp flower is most effective, and the biggest perk is, it costs less than other CBD products.

However, a lot of newbies in the cannabis game are likely to smoke hemp flower in the wrong way, eventually wasting all the qualities and potential effects of CBD flower.

Don’t worry. This article consists of different methods to consume CBD hemp flower, along with the pros and cons of each way. Let’s start.

Smoking Hemp Flower in a Bong

Want to save time and get the immediate effect? Smoking hemp flower through a bong might just be the option you need. Since you don’t need to break the flower and roll it into a joint, it will save you some time. Moreover, smoking in a bong will deliver smoke much faster to your lungs—fast reach means immediate effects.

A bong has three main parts: a tube, a container, and storage for water. The water helps in purifying the smoke to a point where it doesn’t hurt. However, if water doesn’t seem enough, the bong comes with additional compartments to filter the smoke so the harsh effect can be decreased.

The container on the bong is where you put the hemp flower. Once the water and hemp flower is in, you can inhale it from the tube. Bongs are much easier to smoke with and filter out potential toxic substances. That is why they are quite popular among hemp flower enthusiasts.

Smoking Hemp Flower in a Pipe

The pipes are also pretty common among hemp lovers. Although they are identical to tobacco pipes, they are made of metal, ceramic, glass, or even bamboo, whereas tobacco pipes are usually made of clay, briarwood, corncob, or meerschaum.

To smoke hemp flower in a pipe, you should first grind the flower buds. When the flower is ground, you have to put it in the small bowl at the pipe’s end. The flower should be densely filled in the small bowl so that it can burn easily. Once it’s all set, light a flame, inhale, and enjoy.

Since pipes are easy to pack and carry anywhere, it is highly recommended for newbies. However, they are not better than bongs because they do not have any water filtration method. That being said, a lot of people choose pipes over bongs due to preference and convenience.

Smoking Hemp Flower in a Joint

Undoubtedly, the most common way to smoke hemp flower is to roll it in a joint. In the cannabis culture, joints are extremely popular. They are affordable, convenient, and very easy to make. First, you grind the hemp flower, then roll it in a paper and light the flame at the end. The paper is usually made of hemp or rice. It means if you roll your joint in hemp paper, it can give you a double effect.

The papers were first chosen because of their natural, tasteless effect. Nowadays, you can find flavored papers for a more enjoyable experience. Many enthusiasts claim a joint allows them to have a more natural experience with complete benefits.

If you smoke CBD flowers, it is recommended you smoke it in a joint from time to time to understand the hype.

Vaping Is Also an Option

Vaping is an option not as popular as the ones above but still regarded widely as a valid one. If we talk about vaping, many people choose CBD oil over hemp strains. Still, smoking a vape is a great way to consume CBD and take advantage of the qualities lying within the hemp flower.

When the hemp is heated in the vape, it releases all its flavors and provides the smoker with a great experience. The vape also decreases the harshness of smoke and allows the person to have an itch-free experience.

Where to Get Smokable Hemp Flower?

There are many cannabis dispensaries that provide CBD hemp flower legally for smoking purposes. However, one should always be careful and only buy from reputable dispensaries.

Authentic cannabis dispensaries care more about the health and knowledge of customers than profit and would only sell you high-end, lab-tested hemp flowers with all the legal policies applied; Plain Jane is one example. It is a dispensary based in Oregon, United States, that takes pride in spreading awareness and knowledge about the products they are selling.

In fact, any dispensary you choose should be doing that.


This post is written and sponsored by Plain Jane Hemp CBD


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