It’s one of the worst parts of starting a new job, and every stoner knows just how anxiety-inducing it can be. Of course, I’m talking about passing a drug test.

Many jobs require new hires to test a drug test before they can start working for the company. These drug tests typically use urine or saliva samples taken from the new employee to test for illicit substances, one of those substances is cannabis. These tests are not impossible to pass if you’re a fan of the chronic, and I’m going to give you a few simple tips on how to pass your upcoming drug test.

Take a Break To Pass Your Drug Test

The simplest way to pass a drug test is to stop using marijuana completely. When you stop using cannabis, your body has an opportunity to flush out the THC that is in your system.

In 2009, researchers tested 25 people that frequently used cannabis to see how long cannabis stayed in their bodies. After seven days, 9 of those people had no measurable THC in their system. However, 6 of those people still had detectable levels of THC several weeks after they stopped using cannabis. Those researchers found that things like dosage, frequency of use, and body fat all play a role in how long cannabis will stay in your system.

Taking a break might work well for skinny people who don’t smoke often, but probably not for frequent users and those that might be slightly bigger. But there is still hope out there!

Detox Drinks

You’ve probably seen a few cans of detoxifying drinks at your local head shop or heard that cranberry juice can be used to flush THC out of your body. You might have wondered if those things actually work. While they technically can work, it’s not in the way they those drink companies claim or how cranberry juice works.

What’s actually happening is the drink or juice is filled with different vitamins and minerals that are used to mask the THC. The THC is still present in the sample given to the labs but is being hidden.

One of the more popular detox drinks on the mark is called Rescue Detox Ice. It’s a super-concentrated drink that helps mask the THC and encourages you to drink plenty of fluids. It’s been a pretty reliable detoxifier among thousands of stoners starting a new job.

Detoxifying Supplements

Like the drinks, supplements don’t get rid of the THC in your body but instead masks it so that your drug screening sample looks clean. These supplements are capsules and are usually filled with a mix of herbs, vitamins, and minerals.

One of the strongest supplements available is the Fail Safe Kit by Nutra Cleanse. It’s a same-day cleansing supplement kit that will help flush toxins, restore vitamin and mineral levels, and hide THC in urine for up to 6 hours. The kit comes with instructions on how to use all the supplements and juice shots and says that the process takes about 45 minutes to complete.

Fake Pee

I’m going to start off by saying that I do not encourage anyone to use fake pee to pass a drug test. Urine testing labs are pretty smart and have advance equipment that can easily detect fake pee. This method might have worked when drug testing equipment was still young, but today it is too risky.

A Friend’s Pee

This is a method that works only if everything works out with your testing. Essentially, you would have a friend that you know is clean give you their urine. This is generally done by them peeing into a fake bladder, which you then take with you to your drug test. You empty the contents into the cup, and you’re all done! Sounds easy, right? Well, it’s a little more complicated than that.

Testing facilities usually take a temperature reading from urine samples as soon as they’ve been handed over. This allows the testers to see if the urine is warm enough, which shows them it came from inside the body. If the urine sample is too cold, the testers will know that the sample did not come from you. A common practice in testing facilities is to make the one taking the drug test wait for 10 to 15 minutes. This allows any pee that could be in a bag to cool down, making it harder for the person getting tested to have a clean sample.

Items like the Quick Fix Pro are your best chance at passing using this method. The Quick Fix Pro is a belt with a bladder that holds clean urine. A temperature gauge on the side of the bag tells you the exact temperature, and a perfectly sized tube with a plastic kink makes it easy to dispense. And because the bladder is right against your body, the clean urine stays warm enough to trick the testers.

Pass a Drug Test

There is no 100% proven way to pass a drug test. Like everyone says, your best bet is to stop a month or two before your drug test. However, most drug tests for jobs come very fast with little time to prep. We hope these tips and tricks on how to pass a drug test will help you in the future.

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